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Seth Feroce’s Wiki – Height, Wife, Net Worth, Family. steroids?

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Seth Feroce, also known as “Ferocious Feroce”, is an American professional bodybuilder, YouTuber, podcaster and entrepreneur, who became famous for winning his IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) Pro League debut, and who rose to fame for his unconditional podcasting.

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Early life and family

Seth Feroce was born on November 21, 1984 in Pennsylvania, USA. He was bullied and taunted with names like “Chubbs” for being overweight when he was younger, and this motivated him to lift weights. His father, Gregory Feroce, was very supportive and bought him his first gym membership card and a set of plastic-coated, sand-filled weights to help him shed those extra pounds and build muscle.

Seth also started wrestling and soccer as a teenager, until his father took him to a local bodybuilding show that changed the course of his life. The moment they entered the gym and Seth was welcomed with open arms, his father knew he had lost his son to bodybuilding as it had become his dream and passion; he was then 15 years old.

There is no information available about his mother, but he has a brother named Jacob.

Education background

He attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated in molecular biology and biochemistry before a career in the medical field; however, he changed majors after a year and a half and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Safety Sciences from the same university.

During his university years he continued his training as a bodybuilder. He did the necessary bodybuilding research and pushed his body to the limit while trying different workout regimens, supplements, and nutrition plans to determine which would work best for him. He documented what he considered to be experiments on his body, including his weight goals, gains, and lifting history.


First steps

He worked as a security adviser right after his studies, but realized that this was not what he dreamed of. Although he lived the life of a bodybuilder, he never competed until his wife encouraged him to do so. Once he started competing, he was unstoppable as he won the Northern Kentucky Championships,

Seth Feroce

Heavyweight Class, organized by the NPC (National Physique Committee), the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the US, and held on March 14, 2009. He also took first place in the NPC Pittsburg Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships.

While he was preparing for the National Bodybuilding Championships, most of the guys at his gym warned him not to pin his hopes on winning the Nationals on his first attempt because there were athletes competing a dozen or more times but never win in their class, and that for some it took even two to three times to be on the show before they could get their hands on a Pro card.

Despite all the discouragement he faced, it was a good thing that Monte Webb, a former Mr. Pittsburg and owner of Webb’s World of Fitness, believed in him, saying that he had competed in competitions in the early 1980s and been in it long enough. had been around to know what a champion looked like, and Seth had it.

Seth’s mindset was that he was capable of winning and he trained hard to do that; everything he did – every workout, diet meal and cardio session was designed to help him not only do well in the competition and finish in the top five, but also win first place. In November 2009, his parents, wife, brother and his lifting partner Rege accompanied him to Hollywood, Florida to cheer him on for the competition. His brother never left his side and arranged everything for him so that he could focus on winning.

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That day all his hard work paid off and he earned his pro card and won the National Bodybuilding Championships for the Light-Heavyweight Class.

further success

During training and competitions, Seth met Hany Rambod, aka ‘The Pro Creator’, who was known for his FST-7 training system that helped bodybuilders get that ‘championship winning physique’, and he trained with him for over two years. . year. Seth was able to secure sponsorship from the nutritional supplement brand, MuscleTech, and the bodybuilding and fitness magazine Muscular Development. He also worked with Isolator Fitness, a company that makes meal prep containers for health-conscious people.

When he was 25 years old, Seth competed in the 2010 Europe Super Show Bodybuilding Championships in Dallas, Texas, winning the 202 division. This was quite an achievement as it was his IFBB Pro League Debut, and he won against IFBB Pro veterans including Jaroslav Horvath and Richard Jackson. This qualified him to compete in Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend for the 202 showdown.

He competed in the 2012 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro finishing 7the, and places 6 . at the 2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershowe. It was not a good year with the losses, problems at home and his health problems. His competitive nature pushed him to the limit as he prepared his body for open class, but his body couldn’t handle it as he developed tension headaches, nosebleeds, high blood pressure, stomachaches, lethargy and his organs were severely affected as well. .

This caused him to stop competing and rest in 2012, in order to regain his health. Seth said that no matter how much you love what you’re doing, you need to know when to stop. He said he learned a lot during this time and would not repeat the mistakes he made.

From 2012, he spent three-and-a-half years doing green and safety consultants to make ends meet. In 2015, he invested what was left of his savings, which was about $2,200, in creating his own clothing brand, All American Roughneck (AAR). He had this notebook in which he drew the designs of his shirts and hats; he approached Bobby Dautrich to help him with this and said he had nothing to pay him, but if this case works, Bobby would get half of everything.

AAR became successful and they became business partners not only with this one but also with Ax and Sledge Supplements. Other businesses Seth owns include another supplement brand, a gym facility, and a nutrition store.

He has a podcast entitled “Hard Working Mother F*ckers” (HWMF), where he and Bobby Dautrich talk about bodybuilding, health, and various other topics. He has about 40 episodes available on the Apple podcasts app and on YouTube – he started his YouTube channel in December 2015 and has over half a million subscribers and a total of over 40 million views. Seth also runs Feroce Iron Academy, a members-only website aimed at bodybuilders.

Seth Feroce

He returned to the bodybuilding scene in 2016, but announced his retirement from IFBB in 2017.

A lot of people asked him why he isn’t participating, and he said he wouldn’t give anything for it, knowing that if he did, his family and other businesses would suffer. Feroce also said that a bodybuilder should have other sources of income because there would come a time when he would have no sponsors or he would be too old to compete. He said if you were a sponsored athlete you would be at the mercy of the company, and he didn’t want that. It happened to him in 2012 when he had two $50,000 contracts, and one disappeared because he wasn’t doing well on a show at the time.

Private life

Seth met Elise in college and during that time had a child named Adalynne; they later married and had another daughter named Emmi. They had been through hard times together, but it didn’t work out in the end. According to Seth, Elise was in trouble and had to go get help, saying he spent a lot of money helping her. They divorced in 2016 and Seth has full custody of his children.

In February 2018, he announced that he was dating a gymnastics coach named Hannah Nicole, whom he first met in 2017. He proposed to her in December 2018 and currently lives in Western Pennsylvania with his 12-year-old and 5-year-old children and a 24-year-old fiancé who is pregnant. They had a gender reveal party at the gym facility, and surrounded by Hannah’s students and Seth’s children, they announced they would be having a baby boy in June.

Interesting facts and rumors

  • Seth’s favorite music while working out mainly includes metallica songs, Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.
  • On his YouTube videos or podcast, he talked about taking steroids in his 20s as a personal decision, and how he dealt with the ramifications of its adverse effects on his body. He said he doesn’t regret what happened in his life because it brought him where he is now and he loves it, but he realized how important it is to take better care of his health.
  • In April 2020, he fell off his dirt bike and tore his triceps as a result. He underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.


Seth is 1.7 m tall, weighs 96 kg and has a muscular build.

Net value

He has five businesses and sponsors, as well as a podcast, Instagram, and YouTube channel from which to monetize. According to sources his net worth is estimated at over $1 million as of June 2020.


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