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Seven tips for embracing hybrid work after a career break

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There can be several reasons for a break in your work career. Most people stop working for a while because they have to go back to their education. Some people are not comfortable with balancing school and work because they may not have their weekends to rest. So they prefer to take a break from work for a while to continue their education. Women also get short breaks from work in the form of maternity leave. It usually takes several months. Going back to work after a break is not that easy as you would have to change your routine and lifestyle again. Hybrid working comes in handy in this phase because it can make it a lot easier for you because you can work anywhere. Here are some tips for embracing hybrid work after a career break.

Create a comfortable home office

If you don’t go to the office as usual when you were working, you need to create an office-like environment from which to work. You can find a room that is far from any other room to keep the distractions of other activities in the house away. Bring this up to the standards of office environments by using brightly colored lighting, painting the walls brightly, and getting furniture that is ergonomic. This piece of furniture will help you maintain good posture as you may be sitting at your desk for long hours every day.

Working from other public office-like environments

If you’re going to embrace hybrid working, all you need to do is make sure you deliver like you are in the office. If you are unable to realize working from home, you can go for the possibility of coworking spaces

Coworking is an arrangement whereby employees of different companies can share an office space. This provides cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures such as utilities, custody services and office equipment. They can even share a receptionist, parcel acceptance services and even drinks. Working from a coworking space around your home will make it easier for you when you return to work after a career break. This saves you the stress of long trips to work every day.

plan your week

When you’ve had a long or short career break to get back to work, your weekly activities will change dramatically and if you don’t plan, you’ll find it hard to fit in. With the flexibility of embracing hybrid working, it will become much easier as you may not have to make long trips back and forth every day. With hybrid working, you can decide to work anytime, anywhere. That can be from home, from a coworking space or even from the office. You need to plan each working day of the week and know what is comfortable for you.

Get some office tools

If you’re going to be working remotely, you need to have all the tools you need for your office so that you can perform your tasks perfectly. If your company makes these available to you that would be great, but if you need other office tools like a printer and scanner make sure you get them. Having all your office tools at your disposal will help you make split-second decisions about going to the office so you can access the tools you need but don’t have.

Connect more with your colleagues

To be able to fully immerse yourself in office activities after a break, especially since you work hybrid, you need to make up for lost time. The only way to do this is to collaborate more with your colleagues in the office. There may be many innovative methods implemented in doing the work you were doing before coming back. So to make things easier for you, you need to talk more with your colleagues to be able to work remotely most of the time.

Sign up for more training

This is necessary to learn those things that you would have forgotten during the break. It is also possible that there are new methods to handle certain functions. By enrolling in some training modules, you will gain insight into these new methods and be able to apply them while practicing hybrid works. There are usually practical exercises after the training and it would make it easier for you to adjust to things you had forgotten or to get a full understanding of the new methods of doing some office activities.

Work smarter and be proactive

Working outside the office demands more from you so those you report to won’t be overwhelmed. It’s a different scenario from working in the office because if there’s a problem, your manager can just walk over to your desk and sort things out. Since you will be embracing hybrid working after a career break, you have to be proactive and work smarter, Always ask questions and never be shy. After all, you don’t come face to face with who you would inquire. You must remember that you need to be as effective as when you were working in the office.

Last word

So many companies today are embracing hybrid work and it works for them. Employees can now work from anywhere, especially from home, and don’t have to travel far from loved ones to continue their careers. When you come back from a career break, hybrid working would make it easier for you. You just need to adapt to your new work style and these tips above will guide you.


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