Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sex and the Church

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Shreya Christina
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I know many of you just read that title and found it outrageous to see something so “risque” in the same setting as something sacred. Well, guess what – sex is part of that. Everyone seems to think they are divorced, which is because most people treat them as if they are complete opposites. Shall we think carefully about this?

Who created the ecclesiastical body? God. Who made the body? Also Allah. Knowing that God is the creator of all things, we cannot exclude sex from that equation. God created sex, people! Praise Him! Like all great things, the world has twisted and twisted it. The world has polluted it so much that even many church congregations see it as tainted only and silent on that part of God’s word. Many people know that God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28), but many people overlook the entire Song of Songs. The entire book is devoted to telling the love and sex between man and woman. God blessed us with the gift of intimacy, a gift we can share between husband and wife. Church as we learn about sex as the blessing it is, more people will start treating it as such. If we no longer regard sex as this unspeakable act, the temptation would diminish. With the fall of man, people naturally desire things that they should not have. So if more people speak of it with joy and praise, and do not hide it in the darkness as if it were despicable, fewer people would be drawn to it for the wrong reasons. More people would appreciate it for what it is: a gift from God.

Sex, in the truest and purest state in which it was intended, is not dirty or filthy. It was not intended to be used as a tool, weapon, defense or toy. The euphoria of sex should give us a glimpse into heaven. For example, when husband and wife consummate their marriage, they become one body. They are no longer two separate entities, but one. The marriage was concluded to reflect the unity between Christ our Lord and the Church, his bride and the Holy Trinity. When we go to heaven, we become one with God – we praise and worship Him for all eternity. Marriage is this wonderful insight into the Holy Trinity, as well as the loving and sacrificial relationship between Jesus and the body, the Church. God who is great and merciful gives yet another insight – the full joy of heaven. Sex gives people a glimpse of heaven, and feelings on earth are never as great as they are in heaven, so imagine heaven!

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