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Shraddha murder: Delhi police seek Aaftab’s dating profile data from Bumble

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Delhi police are planning to search Aaftab’s dating profile data from Bumble to find out if any of the women Aaftab dated on the app could be a possible reason for Shraddha’s murder.

Arvind Ohha

New Delhi,UPDATED: Nov 15, 2022 2:20 PM IST

Aaftab strangled his girlfriend, Shraddha Walkar, on May 18 after a fight. (Photo: Facebook)

By Arvind Ojha: Delhi police, who are investigating the gruesome murder of Shraddha, said on Tuesday their team will write to dating app Bumble to seek details of Aaftab Ameen Poonawala’s profile to find out the details of women who have visited him.

This comes after reports of Aaftabh bringing another woman to his home through the dating app when some of Shraddha’s body parts were still in the fridge. Aaftab killed his live-in girlfriend, cut her body into 35 pieces and dumped the parts in Delhi.

He had hidden Shraddha’s body parts in a cupboard and refrigerator before inviting the girl.

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Delhi police want to check if any of the women Aaftab dated on the app could be a possible reason behind Shraddha’s murder.

Earlier in the day, Aaftab was taken to the Mehrauli forest area to search for the victim’s body parts and the murder weapon. 12 body parts were recovered and sent for examination. The weapon has yet to be recovered.

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After the murder, Aaftab had googled about blood cleansing and used sulfur hypocaloric acid to remove the bloodstains to evade DNA sampling during a forensic investigation.


Aaftab strangled his partner, Shraddha Walkar, on May 18 after an argument over marriage. He dismembered her body and bought a 100 gallon refrigerator to store the parts. Over the next few days he went out and removed the parts one by one in different places.

Shraddha, a call center employee at a multinational corporation in Mumbai, had met Aaftab through a dating app. They moved in together, against her family’s wishes, and eventually came to Delhi.

According to police, Aaftab googled how to remove bloodstains and dispose of evidence. He was also reportedly inspired by the series Dexter, based on a serial killer. He remained active on Shraddha’s social media for a few weeks to cover up the murder.

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