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Some basic lane splitting hacks

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You are lucky if your resident is in an area where: split lane is permitted. It is excellent for reducing traffic congestion and travel time. When done correctly, it promotes the safety of motorcyclists on the road.

But there are plenty of things to watch out for and make sure the lane is split safely. In this content, we will discuss some of the essential aspects and safety considerations to consider when splitting lanes.

Control your speed

While it should go without saying, some motorcyclists can’t resist the temptation to force their way through vehicles behind in traffic. Speeding between lanes will shorten your reaction time if a car decides to change lanes or if you come to an intersection you didn’t expect.

Always keep the brakes covered

When you have the opportunity for drivers ahead of you to change lanes while you are in the middle of the lane, it is imperative that you remain alert and be prepared to brake at any time. Get into the habit of covering your bike’s front brake just before you begin a lane-splitting task and don’t release it until you’ve returned to the center of the lane after completing the task.

Watch out for sudden lane changes

During busy periods, it is relatively uncommon for motorists to randomly change lanes. If you intend to comfortably wedge yourself between two cars, you should be aware of the implications of this. Always reduce your speed when a lane starts to move and pay attention to the direction indicators of the vehicles in front of you to avoid falling behind.

If you collide with a vehicle that was changing lanes, chances are you will not be held responsible. Regardless of who you believe is responsible for the accident, you should consult an accident attorney such as, who can investigate the incident on your behalf and may be able to assist you in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Assume drivers are not aware of your presence

When driving, it’s best to assume everyone else on the road is an idiot, as the old saying goes. It is important to remember this every time you split lanes. During a traffic jam, many drivers do not expect you to zoom past them in your vehicle. Most drivers will focus on the bumper of the vehicle in front of them or look for an opportunity to move into the adjacent lane.

Assuming the other drivers don’t see you, this approach can dramatically improve your decision making and reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.

Avoid splitting lanes when two large cars are in the same lane

Splitting lanes between two huge cars can be quite dangerous, and if you have to do it, make sure you don’t stay in the driver’s blind zones for too long! Lane changes by one of the drivers could be fatal to you if this happens.

Packing up

Even though it can significantly reduce your time spent on the road, it is something that you must learn and master. Please don’t rush it. Take your time. Take the time to familiarize yourself with traffic patterns and driver behavior before trying it yourself.

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