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Someone dies, new threat in Faraz’s life!

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Tamar now faces a new challenge after learning about Vahid’s true intention in Tehran Season 2 Episode 6. Vahid will work on his target, and it could hit Tamar. Meanwhile, someone dies in the upcoming episode, causing chaos among the others. As for Faraz, it would be rather inconvenient. Keep reading to know more.

Tehran Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: What Happens Next?

Faraz will make a tough choice in Tehran Season 2 Episode 6. The episode will revolve around Nahid as Faraz is focused on Nahid’s safety. Things would be very difficult in other people’s lives. Milad may be free, but now she will question her priorities. She will make a brave decision. Meanwhile, Peyman and Tamar will continue to bond during their tennis date. But there is speculation that Peyman will die instead of the general.

Tehran Season 2 Episode 6

A quick summary!

The previous episode started with Milad in prison. So Yulia planned to kill him for fear of getting caught. Marjan tried to deal with Tamar and ordered the guards to keep an eye on Tamar. After Tamar’s efforts prove futile, they decide to use poison to kill the general. Meanwhile, Nahid called Faraz, and despite Hossein’s warning, he answered the call. Tamar later decided to contact Vahid to ask for his help in escaping Milad from prison.

Tehran Season 2 Episode 6

Meanwhile, in prison, Milad was threatened with five years in prison while Yulia’s guard prepared to kill him. As for Tamar, she knocked down one of the guards and fled the apartment; Vahid waited for her. In exchange for freeing Milad from prison, he asked Tamar to cancel her date with Peyman. As the couple left the police station, Tamar learned that Vahid had framed Milad. After learning this information, she asked Vahid never to contact her again.

Tehran Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date

Tehran Season 2 Episode 6

Tehran Season 2 Episode 6 will air on Apple TV+ on June 3, 2022 at midnight. Due to the show’s exclusivity, it’s only available on Apple TV+. The episode will set the stage for the final run. It will reveal Peyman’s fate and how Tamar will work on her relationship. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.


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