Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sony has now sold over 19 million PS5s

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Sony announced that it just sold 2 million PlayStation 5 units last quarter (Q4), bringing the total total to 19.3 million. That’s significantly lower than the same quarter last year, when 3.3 million units were sold. However, the company managed to boost game sales with 70.5 million PS4/PS5 titles sold compared to 61.4 million a year ago, including 14.5 million first party games compared to 7.9 million in the third quarter.

Overall, the Game & Network Services (GSN) division earned 665 billion yen ($5.1 billion) this quarter, up slightly from last year. Full-year 2021 sales were flat, just 2 percent higher than 2020, and earnings changed little either.

Those numbers mean the PS5 is even further behind the PS4 in sales, as 3.1 million fewer units have now been sold than the PS4 at the same time. Sony warned that this was imminent, blaming the lack of sales not on customer demand, but on the inability to build enough units due to the ongoing shortage of chips.

The good news is that Sony expects things to improve soon. It forecast a 34 percent increase in sales next quarter to yen 929 billion ($7.13 billion) as a result of better parts supply and higher sales of third-party games. Sony will also launch PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, the version of Xbox Game Pass, in June. While the PS Plus subscriber level was flat, the new levels could help drive subscribers into the next quarter and beyond.

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