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‘Soulframe’ is a free-to-play MMO from the studio behind ‘Warframe’

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After almost a decade of working on and more than five years since it canceled being , Digital Extremes is working on a new game. On Saturday, the studio , a free-to-play MMO set in a fantasy world. Outside of a puzzling teaser trailer, Digital Extremes has shared just a few details about: soul frame.

In an interview with creative director Geoff Crookes said the game takes inspiration from classics The never ending story and Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. Like the last, soul frame will investigate what happens when humans collide with the natural world. “The conceit” [in Soulframe] is that the world itself is a little upset about what’s been done to it, and the grounds beneath it tend to shift during the day,” Crookes said. The mail. “So there will be procedural behavior within the cave networks and crevices and so on under the world.”

From a gameplay standpoint, soul frame mainly focuses on “slow and heavy” melee combat. Despite having “Soul” included in the title, Crookes shared: The mail his team had no intention of creating a Soulslike when they started working on the project – though it became impossible to ignore FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece. “ has definitely been a topic of conversation — maybe to do with the camera, maybe to do with how excellent their combat pace is,” said soul frame co-lead Steve Sinclair. “And you know, fuck those boys, ’cause dammit, [Elden Ring] was absolutely fantastic.”

soul frame has no release date yet, and both Crookes and Sinclair stressed that the game is still in its infancy, but as with warframe, Digital Extremes plans to involve the community in the creation process. So expect regular behind-the-scenes Twitch streams. In addition, some fans could get early access to the game within a year.

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