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Spanish Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month has arrived and we are ready to celebrate!

What is this “Spanish Heritage Month” you’ve been hearing about these days? (and you’ll probably be hearing about it for a while!)

It is an annual tradition enshrined in law on August 17the from 1988 it was worked on by Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan. It starts on September 15the all the way until October 15the and celebrates important anniversaries such as Mexico, Chile, Guatemala’s and other Independence Days. But the entire month is dedicated to celebrating the history, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from different regions of the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico and Spain.

So, how do I celebrate this month?

Well, it’s important to note that not only do my ancestors come from Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island that is a commonwealth of the United States and part of this important celebration (you can note that throughout history many contributions have been made by Puerto Ricans), but I am also from the island. It wasn’t until I turned 18 that I made the decision to move to the United States to continue my higher education studies.

So back to the question, it’s not hard to note that I celebrate my heritage all year round. It’s one of the first things you learn about me when I introduce myself. It’s that constant bit of information that follows me in pretty much every conversation I have. In college, I found an amazing number of people who are genuinely interested in my culture. Well, as I write this, I’m blowing Marc Anthony songs for all my neighbors to enjoy with me, maybe a little against the will of some, (but it’s not quiet hours yet).

During this month, the Ohio State Latino Student Association has a calendar full of activities, including movie screenings, cookouts, and other on-campus information sessions. It is a month where you can listen to Spanish songs and people dance and sing in different parts of the campus. It really is a magical month that reminds me that I am not alone, I am not alone, and I am certainly reminded to be proud of my culture and history and to celebrate it with others.

Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana!

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