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Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown Talks About Her New Millie Bobby Brown Florence Collection

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Stranger Things Actress Millie Bobby Brown has launched the New Millie Bobby Brown Florence Collection.  The performer and beauty entrepreneur discusses “Color in Wonderland,” her must-have goods, and what she would give Eleven and Enola in an interview with Teen Vogue. Millie Bobby Brown has already accomplished a number of goals at the age of seventeen. She has starred in films such as Enola Holmes, Stranger Things, and others as an actress. She was the first and youngest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She’s also the founder of Florence by mills, a skincare and beauty line that celebrates self-expression and self-love.

Millie has released a new collection for Florence by mills named “Color in Wonderland” in honor of her 18th birthday in February. Millie talked to Teen Vogue about the new collection, self-care, and what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur.

Millie Bobby Brown on her new collection:

I’m Millie Bobby Brown, and I’m I think that now that I’m 18, and I’ve progressively learned to express myself, I’ve discovered that I mostly enjoy expressing myself through color. So “Color in Wonderland” allows me the chance to wear lipsticks, bronzers, and lip liners, and truly express myself through cosmetics, as well as clothes and all the other things that go with style. But, in particular, this collection allows me to express myself, which is something I’ve had to really develop into and learn to do properly and truly.

TV: Some of the hues have catchy names like “Self-Worth” and “Self-Love,” for example. Why did you think it was crucial for individuals to notice these phrases when applying makeup?

MBB: I think it’s positive reinforcement when it comes to makeup because it reminds the person using the collection that they’re doing it because they want to. They aren’t doing it to please or impress others; they are doing it because they want to use it and feel comfortable in their own skin. So, I believe it’s important to remember that one of the main reasons I started the business was to raise my consumers’ self-esteem, which is something that can be lacking, especially among Generation Z and particularly among girls. With Florence by Mills, this has always been a top-of-mind, top-priority goal.

I think about work in the same way that anybody else does because I enjoy it. Going to work is one of my favorite things to do. My acting world is one of my favorites. My beauty and skincare world is one of my favorites. Those are the two worlds I primarily inhabit, but I do like to set aside one night per week for self-care. It’s vital to remember that self-care isn’t only about face masks and hair treatments.

Journaling, counseling, and bettering one’s self-identity are all examples of self-care, while hair care and face masks are the icings on the cake. [Laughs.] So, at least once a week, I like to devote at least one night to focus on what my body, mind, and spirit require: rest. To help me sleep, I prefer to use magnesium body spray and magnesium salt bath crystals. I also enjoy using a nice detoxifying face mask. My go-to mask is the Mind Glowing Peel-Off Mask, especially after wearing a lot of makeup and then obviously our new haircare.

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