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Summer isn’t summer unless…

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Shreya Christina
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June, July and August. Those bittersweet three months off from school when we don’t have to worry about exams or six-page essays. Everyone should look forward to summer. It is a time when we can take a break from reality and not worry about our future or school and just live in the moments from dawn to dusk and have the time of our lives. Some people go on vacation to tropical islands for three months or fly to another state to spend time with family they haven’t seen all year. Some get a summer job and earn money while others just sit at home and watch Netflix with a buffet of snacks next to it. Either way, summer is a time to rest, relax, and refocus. I always try to do something new every summer to keep it interesting, but most of the time I stay where I live because I think you’ve only been to Florida this summer.

As the end of May approaches and I wrap up my last week of school, I always think about the exciting possibilities this summer could bring. I usually make a bucket list of everything I want to do and I try very hard to stick to that list and even add more as the summer progresses. These things are mostly tanning, doing as many water-related activities as possible, and spending quality time with my friends and family. As a student, I know how hectic our lives can be. That is why I emphasize the importance of summer. We need a break from the constant running around trying to do 10 million things at once, while trying to juggle a part-time job and get a degree. Trust me, your body and mind will thank you later after you give it a little TLC and soak up some sun. Come mid-August, then you’ll be all set to start the new school year fresh and ready to get back to work.

What I’m trying to say is that summer isn’t summer unless you make an effort to have fun and enjoy it. Let go a little and try something out of your comfort zone! Go ziplining over an alligator park or ride the tallest roller coaster you can find. Have a simple round of mini golf with some friends or take a midnight stroll along the beach. Play volleyball on the beach or go on an adventure in the city in search of Pokemon.

Sorry, I had to.

No, but seriously. Yes, you can have a summer job or visit a new college campus or do an internship at a local company and do all sorts of productive things. Go for it. But make sure you set aside time to have fun and release yourself some of that stress that has undoubtedly built up from the past school year. You will have no regrets.

So stay on the beach all day to the point where you get so sunburned that you flake for days. Go to the pool every night for a night swim. Go to new restaurants and eat more than you should. This is your little vacation of life. Make it worth it. Summer isn’t summer until you start the new school year with tons of memories, good, bad and embarrassing. If like me you’ve been working 24/7 all summer, there’s still a chance to have some summer fun before it’s over. So go have a spa day, go to Disney World, go kayaking, go for an ice cream run with your bestie. Just do something that makes you smile and love life. For me, that’s something riding the waves in the ocean or just sitting on the shore with my loved ones. Whatever it is for you, go do it.

Summer isn’t summer until you can honestly say at the end, “This summer was lit!”

…and then you can’t wait until next summer.

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