Thursday, September 28, 2023

Summer thoughts about summer

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Shreya Christina
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Summer is a great experience that is a bit shit at the same time. In that respect it is quite remarkable. A lot of things happen in the summer, and a lot of things don’t. It largely depends on what is happening in life at the moment.

The summer holidays took place because schools were not air-conditioned during the warmer months, so children could not live without dangerous conditions. Funny how that detail caused America’s great summer notation. Summer is an integral part of childhood in America.

I’m in college and only got one last summer before the real world kicks in. I want this current summer to end because of the endless boredom, but when I grow up I will miss the endless boredom and free time. It is the loss of childlike innocence and wonder. With the imminent loss of summer, I feel it dripping away from me.

Summer comes with heat. The endless heat is maddening everywhere. It’s an important part of summer right now. I hate the heat with a burning passion, but there’s something bittersweet about it. Maybe it’s something from Pavlov where the heat reminds me of the relaxation of summer. It’s only getting hotter with global warming.

I don’t know if I’m at all looking forward to being an adult with extremely hot summers at work. Perhaps it is offset by other benefits of being an adult. Making money is good, but paying bills also sounds like the worst thing in the world.

One more summer until I become a real adult with all the responsibilities and trials that come with it. Summer where endless freedom is possible and the only limit is, well, yourself. I’ll miss it when it’s gone. It must be nice to have something to do in the summer. One of the things that is lost. There are always two weeks of paid vacation available.

The days used to pass, so slow in the summer. Now they rush past as if no one is paying attention. It’s a normal fact that life goes faster and faster until that abrupt end. I want the days to slow down, but I don’t think I can handle it. Summer is a fleeting dream for me.

Summers as a younger kid were so easy compared to later summers. Back then, it was all about staying out and not worrying about world events. Now it sees the constant terror attacks and the idiocy that calls itself the presidential race. You think the world would get better with time. It could be, but the news is so negative. It should be some kind of balance between the negativity and positivity of the world. Summer is arguably one of the best things about a child. It’s a bittersweet feeling because it goes away so slowly. But hey, it’s part of growing up

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