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Summer without your sisters

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Shreya Christina
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The long-awaited summer vacation is finally here!

However, like any other aspect of life, it has bittersweet pros and cons. The pros: it’s summer! The cons: no more formalities, football games, Saturday nights at Alex Box, bus trips in the spring, fun nights at Bogies when you should have studied for that last one, late night talks in the den. The list goes on. Summer means one thing above all to all of us ladies: three full months without our sisters.

Now panic sets in. Who’s going to lend me that cute Anthro necklace when I go on a date? Who will be my partner in crime in the empty Tigerland? Who’s going to take that weekly trip to Caliente with me just to tempt our little hearts into queso and margs? Who’s going to eat with me, period?

Unfortunately for most of us, that answer doesn’t include our prized 300-plus sorority sisters. The majority of them have left our port on West Lakeshore Drive for their hometowns, summer programs, mission trips, and those competitive internships. For those of us who stay in Baton Rouge for a variety of reasons, summer is starting to miss its initial luster and shine. However, I propose a challenge to each of you. Below are five ways each of us can overcome Akon’s “Lonely” syndrome. Let’s face it, none of us want to be, oh, so lonely during this summer of opportunity!

1. Focus on you. You’ve been pushed to the limit far too often with your hectic schedule. You go from one bus trip to the next spring formalities, back to work and then training, take a break to study for your strenuous 18 hour course load, spend quality time with your Big and Little, and all that while you fit in family and all the exec meetings for Pan-Hellenic. Sounds about right? Well, it sounds like this summer is just what you need. Start detoxing as soon as possible from your Lilly or Erin Condren planner!

2. Make Pinterest a reality. We do it all: pin, pin, pin and never follow up. Take the summer to actually hit some of those pins, whether it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing those eight moves for a better tush workout or reading that summer book list you completely forgot. . Take your time and go through some of those DIY projects for your apartment or for a future Little. Unleash your creativity, because once fall has arrived, you’ll never have time!

3. Netflix binge! Break the break. All hail to the creator of Netflix. Am I right?! Use this summer to catch up on the recently added season three of Scandal,
House of cards, Breaking Bador any other show on your list that you continuously put on the back burner One Tree Hill reps. While the Scott brothers are essentially my favorite pals, they have nothing on Kerry Washington!

4. Go the extra mile. Don’t stuff your panties in a wad. I don’t mean run. However, if running is your thing, definitely walk those miles. I mean driving those miles to visit your sisters or take the impromptu road trips you’ve always wanted to take. Hit the beach on a whim. Book a ticket for your favorite band in concert and travel to see them. While many of us are already ahead of the game and Hangout Fest, the rest of us need to put on our Google caps and start planning for those exciting long weekends ahead!

5. Prepare for recruitment. We all know you love it. When all else fails, you know you can always get a head start in recruiting preparation. You can never, ever have enough. Start shopping for those specified outfits, talk to your mirror or fuel your excitement for the best week of the year: recruitment workshop!

While a summer without your sisters may not be ideal, there are ways to get through it. Start with that half marathon training schedule you’ve always wanted to try out at the lakes, spend quality time shopping with mom, track all the pins, or settle into that Netflix binge with a bag of dark chocolate and your bed you’ve got’ t seen in weeks or months. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a summer for the books!

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