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Sunyata Palmer Winona Ryder sister; Age, parents, siblings, spouse

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Sunyata Palmer is an American-born makeup artist. She is known for her work in films like Meet the Applegates, Transylvania Twist, and others. But Sunyata came to limelight as the actress’s half-sister winona ryder.

Despite being a celebrity sibling, Sunyata has managed to live a life without the media. Even though we have some information about her professional life, her personal life does not seem to contain. People are constantly on the run to learn more about the Stranger things mysterious sister of actress.

Today this article is all about Sunyata Palmer including her age, siblings, career, net worth and much more. Let’s start!

Sunyata Palmer is an actress’s daughter: details about her age and siblings

Sunyata Palmer was born on 5th of October, 1967, in San Francisco, California, USA. As of 2023, Palmer is 55 years old. She is the daughter of the actress Cynthia Palmer (mother and John Palmer (father).

Palmer has a younger brother named Jubal Palmer who was born May 14, 1969. However, her parents’ relationship did not last long. Likewise, it seems that her parents separated several years after the birth of her younger brother.

Though her parents kept their short-lived marriage behind the scenes, we know some parts of Sunyata’s early life. After the split, her mother walked down the aisle with the American archivist Michael Horowitz. The couple also shared two children winona ryder (b. 29 October, 1971) and Uri Horowitz (b. February 5, 1976).

Sunyata and her brother Jubal lived in their stepfather Michael’s home in New York for several years, along with their mother Cynthia and half-siblings. During that time, Sunyata went out with her new family all the time.

Sunyta Palmer's stepfather Micheal and his daughter Winona
The photo Sunyata’s half-sister Winona posted on her Twitter on Father’s Day

Sunyata has a close relationship with her siblings, mainly her half-sister Winona. The two sisters would always be together. Unlike others, Winona didn’t have a strong heart because she was afraid of everything. The fear got even worse after the day she and her sister Sunyata were followed by some people.

The Mermaids star still has little doubt about what their intentions were and has also said, “God knows how many attempted kidnappings there are.”

Meaning behind the name of Sunyata Palmer

According to the book Winona Ryder: the biographyher first name “Sunyata” comes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

What does Sunyata Palmer do for a living?

As mentioned above, Sunyata works as a makeup artist. So it could be her full-time profession as she has not revealed any other career to the media till now. So far, Palmer has worked as a makeup assistant in three films called Welcome home, Roxy Carmichael, Meet the Applegatesand Transylvania Twist.

Sunyata Palmer next to her sister Winona
Sunyata worked in as an assistant makeup artist Welcome home, Roxy Carmichael. Source: Pinterest

But we are not saying that Sunyata only worked in these three movies. She’s probably working behind the camera. It seems that she has preferred not to let anyone know about her work in public. Be that as it may, we hope Sunyata does well in her respective profession.

Relationship status of Sunyata Palmer

Sunyata has not shared anything about her relationship whether she is married or in a romantic relationship with someone. Likewise, she is a very secretive person when it comes to her personal life. The same can be said about her love life. Therefore, Sunyata’s relationship status remains single as of 2023.

On the other hand, her half-sister Winona Ryder is not like her, in fact, the Stranger things actress leads a very blissful relationship with the fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn. The couple has been living together for more than ten years.

Winona, the half-sister of Sunyata Palmer, has a very happy relationship with her boyfriend
Sunyata’s sister Winona Ryder with her old boyfriend.

However, they have yet to get married even though they have been dating for 11 years. Sunyata’s sister said in many interviews that she would rather never have a husband than to divorce. From ET onlinein an interview with The editRyder has said the reason being the parents’ relationship, she is not ready to get married any time soon.

Further are in 2016 Winona said she would rather remain unmarried then divorce.

She explained,

“Marriage? I don’t know. I’d rather never have been married than be divorced a few times. Not that there’s anything wrong with divorce, but I don’t think I could if that was an option.”

Where is Sunyata Palmer as of 2023?

Sunyata may be leading a peaceful life next to her family, away from the media. There are no news updates about Sunyata’s current lifestyle. Not even a single online tabloid has mentioned Winona’s half-sister’s current residence.

Speaking of Palmer’s profession as of 2023, as mentioned earlier, all online resources have suggested that she is still working as a makeup artist. But we won’t know until Sunyata herself comes forward in the media to talk about the matter.

Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does Sunyata Palmer Have?

Sunyata Palmer’s net worth is yet to be revealed. So as of 2023, it is still unknown. On the other hand, her half-sister Winona Ryder has an estimated net income of $18 million. Ryder makes her living as an actress.

Is Sunyata Palmer active on all social media platforms?

Sunyata is not active on any social media platform. On the other hand, her half-sister Winona Ryder is active on every social media handle. She has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram and 4 million on Facebook.


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