Friday, September 29, 2023

Super73 announces a number of new models, including an electric motorcycle and e-bikes for children

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Super73, the electric mobility company popular with YouTubers and celebrities, introduced its first electric motorcycle – although it’s just a concept for now. The company also unveiled numerous other battery-powered vehicles, including a children’s e-bike, in a dramatic expansion of its product range.

The Super73 C1X Concept has a slimmer profile than most motorcycles, with 15-inch wheels and a 31-inch seat height. The 51-inch wheelbase is significantly shorter than other electric motorcycles, such as Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire (58.7 inches) and Zero’s SR/F (57.1 inches). It’s also not as fast as most two-wheelers on the road, gas or electric, with a top speed of 120 km/h. That still makes it one of the fastest vehicles to come out of the inventive Southern California shop.

The profile of the C1X is very similar to the company’s flagship RX mopeds, which have proved hugely popular and people like Casey Neistatjacket blackeven Justin Bieber† In addition, Super73 unveiled several other new models, including the Super73-R Brooklyn full suspension e-bike, the entry-level Super73-Z Miami and a Youth Series of e-bikes for children.

The company raised $20 million last year amid a series of funding announcements from major e-bike makers, including VanMoof, Cowboy and Rad Power Bikes. At the time, Super73 said it would use the money to expand its 75-strong workforce, improve customer service and expand its product range.

For the C1X, the idea was to create an electric motorcycle that was more maneuverable than the rest, hoping to serve as an entry-level model for customers interested in applying for their motorcycle license. Super73 said it aims to create something accessible to its customers, who have come to appreciate the company’s practices of blurring the line between bicycle and moped.

The C1X Concept has a range of approximately 160 kilometers in the city and features a fast charging solution that charges the battery to 80 percent in less than an hour. (Super73 did not specify what type of charger or power this would entail.)

Production isn’t expected to start until late 2023, but Super73 is now accepting (refundable) reservations for – what else? — $73.

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