Tae-young decides to leave Jun-Young in pain

Tae-young will continue to work towards her goal of getting fired from the national team in Love All Play Ep 13. She is determined to leave the team as soon as possible. But Tae-jun won’t like to know. He wanted her to stay. But it seems she can’t ignore the past, and it will continue to put pressure on her life. Keep reading to know more.

Love All Play Ep 13 Preview: What Happens Next?

Jun-young feels bad after the truth comes out. She is still mad at Tae-young for being responsible for the change in her career. After Jun-young’s injury, the national team lost another player Jung-Hwan. He revealed that he had broken the rules and was behind her injury. He wanted to save someone, but it ended up affecting his career. Meanwhile, Tae-jun is angry that Tae-young is ready to leave the team. As for Tae-young, she accepts that she is responsible for Jun-young’s injury and posts on social media. There she explains everything and asks Jun-young to let them be friends.

Love All Play Ep 13

A quick summary!

In the previous episode, Tae-jun asked Tae-young to return to the training center. She went to the training center to ask the coach to fire her. But the coach ordered her to start her training. The company wanted to fire her, but the coach wouldn’t let her go. Later, the coach understood the reason why she was late. It was all her plan to give him a good reason to fire her. The coaches wanted Tae-young to stay on their team, but the matter was no longer in their hands. The national coach Kwon ordered coach Lee to fire her. Otherwise he would put the players of Yunis at a disadvantage. But Lee decided not to let her go.

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However, they fired Jung-hwan and he was not in a good mood. So Lee Yu-min called Jun-young and blamed her for the loss. Later, she asked Jung-hwan to meet her, but she accused him of irresponsibility instead of comforting him. Coach Joo asked Jung-hwan to work on Tae-young and treat her well as she insisted on kicking her out of the team. Meanwhile, Tae-yang gave her things to others when she was ready to leave the team. But Jung-hwan encouraged her to focus on her career because everything had changed, and now she should change too.

Love All Play Ep 13: Release Date

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Love All Play Ep 13 will be broadcast on the KBS2 channel on June 1, 2022. The next episode will air tomorrow at 7pm IST. The all-new episodes air every Wednesday and Thursday evenings. You can also stream the show on Disney+. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you informed.


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