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Take home stray dogs if you want to feed them, Bombay High Court says

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The Bombay Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that residents must take stray dogs home if they wish to feed them.


Mumbai,UPDATED: 21 Oct 2022 23:36 IST

Judges SB Shukre and AL Pansare have instructed the Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation to ensure that such feeding will not take place anywhere except in such people’s own homes.

By Vidya : In view of the increasing threat of stray dogs in Nagpur, the Bombay Supreme Court on Thursday ordered “that no citizen or resident of Nagpur and the surrounding areas should feed or attempt to feed the stray dogs in public places, gardens, etc.”

Judges SB Shukre and AL Pansare have further instructed the Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to ensure that such feeding will not take place anywhere except in the own homes of such persons.

In an order passed on Oct. 20, the bank said: “We further recommend that if anyone is interested in feeding stray dogs, they should first adopt the stray/bitch, bring it home, register it with the municipal authorities or put it in a dog shelter and then pour its love and affection into it, can feed it while taking care of its personal care in every way.”

The court has also instructed the commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation to ensure that stray dogs are not fed anywhere except at the dog feeder’s own place or in the dog shelters or other authorized place. The Commissioner shall also impose an appropriate fine for any violation of these directions, which fine shall not exceed Rs.200/- for any violation.

The bank went on to say that “now is the time to take action”, although the court said the action “may not be of the extreme nature of destruction of the stray dog, but it could at least be in the nature of detention of the stray dog.” the stray dog ​​according to the prescribed procedure and then hand the stray dog” over to a supervisory committee “for the correct placement/removal”.

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Similarly, the Police Commissioner and Chief Inspector of Police, Nagpur (National), has been instructed to “take the necessary steps within their respective areas to control the threat posed by stray dogs/bitches.”

The government of Maharashtra has allocated a fund of Rs 17 crore for the purpose of initiating contraception measures for the state government’s stray dogs. The court approved the allotment and requested immediate release of this amount.

Birth control measures to be taken in respect of the stray dogs “will be respectively the removal of the testicles in the case of dogs and the removal of the ovaries in the case of bitches, while ensuring that no cruelty is inflicted on the dogs and bitches undergoing surgery and also to ensure that appropriate pre- and post-operative care is provided to these dogs and bitches,” the court said.

The court hoped that the captured stray dogs could be housed by creating a large dog shelter that would be well equipped with adequate manpower and all the facilities necessary for the maintenance and care of the dogs. “After all, it must not be forgotten that the dog is essentially man’s best friend and therefore we must see it as a duty of each of us to take good care of the dogs/bitches, whether they are kept as pets or as pets. can be kept as a pet. grow up on the street,” the bank said.

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Finally, the bank also added that “if any obstacles and obstacles are created in the way of the authorities and their officers in carrying out their duties as required by this Order and also the applicable rules, strict action against the persons who encounter such obstacles and obstacles and, in appropriate cases, appropriate criminal offenses against them shall also be recorded.” The court will continue to hear the case on November 23.

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