Teaser Trailer, Release Date & All We Know So Far

Street Fighter 6 was unveiled by Capcom in a short teaser clip broadcast at the end of the Capcom Pro Tour esports event. It’s the first official confirmation of the fighting game sequel, but it’s been known for a while that it’s in the works.

Capcom will be hoping that Street Fighter 6 performs better than its predecessor. Street Fighter V looked and played amazing when it was released in 2016 for the PS4 and PC, but it suffered from a lack of content as well as glitches and server troubles. After successive modifications, Arcade Edition and Champion Edition received a better reception, the game eventually sold more than six million copies.

It’s been six years since Street Fighter 5 was released on the PS4 and PC, and now we finally have a good look at the new path the series is headed.

Release Date: 

The game has been codenamed CAPCOM 6 according to leaks, which makes sense. It’s also been reported that the game has been tested, though we’re not going to hear anything for a while. After it was established that the Capcom Cup 2020 victor would not automatically qualify for the 2021 competition, many expected the game to be released in 2021. This was largely thwarted by Capcom leaker Dusk Golem (see below).

Later tweets indicated that Capcom’s corporate executive, Midori Yuasa, is now in charge of the project, succeeding producer Yoshinori Ono. IGN has confirmed the leaks, and a schedule shows that Street Fighter 6 will be released in the third quarter of 2022, with a Super Street Fighter 6 edition following in the fourth quarter of 2023. Finally, it appears that an Ultra Street Fighter 6 version will be released in the fourth quarter of 2024. While sources confirmed that the game is in development, IGN cautions that this chronology may be out of the current.


Characters in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 5 debuted with 16 characters, but after five seasons of material, the total number of characters reached more than 40.

It’s unclear whether all of those characters will make the leap to Street Fighter 6, but it’s safe to assume that typical suspects like Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Ken, and M. Bison will.

There’s also Luke, the final DLC character for Season 5 of Street Fighter V, who will be available on November 29th. Notably, Capcom referred to him as “a look into the future,” and in the video below, Capcom stated, “we’ll be returning with more announcements regarding the future of Street Fighter.” We’re hoping to hear more soon.

Where It Is Available:

A fresh email revealed in the huge Capcom leak implies that the game would be released not only on PC and PS5 but also on Xbox Series S and Series X. Other platforms mentioned include the PS4 and Xbox One, implying a cross-generation release.

Street Fighter 5 was previously unavailable on Xbox consoles, but with Microsoft’s rising user base, it stands to reason that Capcom’s next title in the series will be available on several platforms. Time will tell.

Street Fighter 6 – Official Teaser Trailer:

Following the season final of the Capcom Pro Tour, in which Kawano defeated veteran Daigo Umehara, a small teaser trailer was released.

The clip doesn’t show any actual gameplay, but it seems that Street Fighter 6 will feature a more realistic art style than past games in the series – or, at the very least, as realistic as you might hope while keeping Ryu’s imposing dimensions. According to Capcom, more details on the game will be released this summer.


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