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Ted Lasso Season 3: Must Watch Series Like Ted Lasso Before Season 3

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Fans are eagerly waiting for the Ted Lasso Season 3, we don’t know for how long do they need to wait, but they can make the wait worth it by watching these series like Ted Lasso, Ted Lasso’s season 2 finale was released on Apple TV+ a few months ago, and “Ted Heads,” as the show’s ardent fans have dubbed themselves, are already looking forward to season three particularly given the show’s shocking ending.

Season 3 of Ted Lasso has been announced and will begin filming in 2022. Sadly, it appears that Ted Lasso season 3 will be the series’ final season. At the very least, the final season in the primary TV show’s three-season narrative.

Ted Lasso has been a huge hit for everyone involved, and considering how good it is, it might be best if the TV show ends after season 3 so it doesn’t get too long in the tooth.

The series’ third season is one of the most eagerly awaited series on television, but new episodes appear to be arriving a little later than planned. Ted Lasso’s first two seasons debuted on Apple TV+ in late summer. Season 3 isn’t likely to be like that.

The third season has yet to begin production, according to co-creator Brendan Hunt, who also plays Coach Beard stated everything is good with the screenplays, but the production is attempting to find out when they can film the real soccer sequences.

There might be a lot of time to fill until season 3, and it may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help you approach your break with the Lasso spirit. But, rather than concocting some corny metaphor replete with pop culture connections, we’ve compiled a list of ‘Must Watch’ series before Ted Lasso season 3:

Let’s have a look at the Series you should watch if you like Ted Lasso


Ted Lasso is one of the top two sports comedies of recent years. And the other one is Brockmire, which was a four-season IFC show that ran from 2017 to 2020. Hank Azaria plays Jim Brockmire, a former Major League Baseball broadcaster who is relegated to the lower leagues following a dramatic on-air meltdown after discovering his wife is cheating on him.

Brockmire isn’t the upbeat, upbeat man that Ted Lasso is, frequently unleashing barrages of highly detailed insults in a cadence that only Azaria can match, but at its core, Brockmire is a comedy about lifting yourself and others up from a bad circumstance.

Schitt’s Creek

It’s a series about people thrust into an environment they don’t belong in, centered on the formerly wealthy Rose family, who move to a small, eccentric town named Schitt’s Creek after losing all their money.  While Ted, who is quite the American guy, doesn’t seem to fit in England at all, the Roses seem to be misfits from another planet than the locals in their new town.

Ted Lasso embraces his Squad member’s peculiarities and Schitt’s Creek treats its numerous oddballs with the same love and care. It’s refreshing to see characters with distinct personalities like Dan Levy’s picky, privileged David and Catherine O’Hara’s flighty, quirky Moira never become the punchline, contributing to the show’s overall success.

The League

The League is darker than Ted Lasso, but it’s worth watching if you want to be immersed in the world of athletics. The comedy follows a group of very competitive friends who become engrossed in their fantasy football league to the exclusion of their personal life.

While Ted is more concerned with getting to know his teammates than with winning, the characters in The League will go to any length to win, always ready to undermine and backstab one another if it means gaining what they want.

If you wish Ted Lasso had spent more time delving into the inner gritty of English soccer culture, The League is so ingrained in American football culture that real football star players have guest-starred on the show.

A.P Bio

A.P. Bio, like Ted Lasso, begins with a man starting a new career for which he is not a good fit. The sitcom features Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton), a Harvard professor who loses his ideal job to a competitor and switches from philosophy to biology in an Ohio high school.

Mike O’Brien of Saturday Night Live created it. If the moments between Ted and his boss Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) are your favorite part of Ted Lasso, the connection between Jack and Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt), as Durbin battles to keep Jack under control, is like a more heated version of that, except with less baked goodies.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For a series about a group of cops, Brooklyn Nine-Nine frequently puts the detective work on the back burner, focusing instead on the ensemble of people, their conflicts, and the hilarious outcomes.

From sardonic hotshot Jake Peralta and anal-retentive Amy Santiago to strong, no-nonsense Rosa Diaz, muscle-bound softie Terry, naive buffoon Charles Boyle, and by-the-books Captain Raymond Holt, each individual personality creates a family dynamic found in many popular office comedies today.

It’s easy to picture the crossover potential if this group of crime-fighting heroes wore AFC Richmond uniforms. After all, Ted Lasso maybe a football show, but like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, sometimes puts sports on the back burner in order to focus on the character tales that make up the show.


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