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Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2: Release Date, Renewal Status

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Tell me your secrets is a Amazon Prime video series that first aired on February 19, 2021. The old name of this crime, mystery and psychological thriller drama was Deadlier Than the Male. Lily Rabe, Amy Brennan and Hamish Linklater star in the show, which is produced by Bruna Papandrea and Casey Haver. The production was created by Harriet Warner, known as the screenwriter of The Fugitives and Call the Midwife. The first season consists of 10 episodes of 45-50 minutes each. Received the series 7.4 points with the votes of 7 thousand people on IMDb. While many rumors say that Tell Me Your Secrets is based on a true story, this is not accurate information. Harriet Warner drew inspiration from famous crime cases when writing the screenplay, but the script is her own fiction. So, when is the second season of this intriguing and confusing show?

What is the plot line of Tell Me Your Secrets?

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The series revolves around three characters, each with a mysterious and sad past: a young woman named Emma (Lily Rabe), who once met a dangerous killer and stared him in the eye, an ex-hunter named John (Hamish Linklater) seeking redemption. and a grieving mother named Mary (Amy Brenneman) who is obsessed with finding her missing daughter. The truths and impulses about this trio’s past, each brushed aside, begin to grow darker than ever before. The series aptly tries to tell us the suffocating drama and tension that goes around and deepens the troubles of this trio’s past. The thin line between perpetrator and victim, illusion and reality fades in every episode.

Will there be a second season of Tell Me Your Secrets?

Unfortunately, Amazon or the producers haven’t revealed yet if Tell Me Your Secrets season 2 is official renewed† But when we look at the end of the first season, we realize that there is definitely a sequel to the story. Emma will try to show everyone that she is innocent after Mary’s betrayal. In addition, producer Harriet Warner expressed her enthusiasm for the sequel. The lead actress, Lilly Rabe, said the series’ sequel would suit the story and stated that they wanted to renew it. Hamish Linklater indicated that we will see Emma’s exciting story in the following chapters. For these reasons, fans eagerly await the next season.

The show’s impact on audiences and viewing performance will influence Amazon’s renewal decision. Given the positive factors we mentioned above, we can predict that Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 will air early 2022† We expect the official announcement to be made shortly so we can give you the exact renewal date.

What can we expect from season 2?

Season 1 was full of plot twists. At the end of the first season, Mary goes through a terrible change. The fact that Theresa is working with Kit Paker weighs heavily on her. Mary betrays Emma despite learning the truth. Now Emma is committed to finding her daughter.

blood of zeus season 2 1

In the second season, we will follow Emma’s decision between Theresa and Mary. The fact that Theresa is really alive becomes a new topic. Emma will continue to follow Freya. There are many unsolved knots left from “The Dead Come Back”. John Tyler managed to escape Emma. The future of the matter that Bodie and his daughter Rose plan to murder the resident of Jerome House is worth waiting for. The story will get more complicated and it will be difficult to distinguish between good and bad. It can be predicted that we will see Emma’s war against the world in the second season. We are sure it will be a season full of twists that will shock everyone.


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