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The best bedding to keep you cool in the summer

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Warm and thick duvets are not at all suitable for hot summer nights. However, it is so hard to refuse them because of the sociability they ensure. Using blankets from the couch or sheets as blankets cannot give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

The best bedding to keep you cool in the summer is quilted bedding. Due to the use of light materials and a specific structure, duvets provide the necessary lightness, making these duvets ideal for the summer. In addition, quilted sheets are known for their softness and weightlessness.

Quilted bedding is therefore the combination of the comfort of your favorite duvets and the coolness you are looking for in the summer.

Key features of quilted linen

Traditional quilts have a rather original structure. A quilt is a blanket made of two and sometimes three layers of fabric. The space between the two main layers is filled with things like stuffing or similar stuffing to make the bedspread soft.

If the quilt contains the third layer of fabric, it will be placed on top to cover the blanket.

The lower fabric layer is made of a heavier material such as wool, while the upper one is made of a lighter fabric such as cotton.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about using quilted linens in cold seasons, as quilts are known for their attractive patterns, so they’re often used as decorations for beds and sofas, not just bedding.

The Linens & Hutch quilt collection offers a wide variety of patterns and colors. Follow and choose the bedding that fits perfectly with any interior.

Selecting a Quilting Material Type

Quilts are known as universal bedding and bed decor because of the variety of options. Bedding manufacturers offer the following materials for quilts:

  • Polyester fiber filling. A hypoallergenic material suitable for sensitive skin and people with different types of allergies.
  • Cotton. The most prominent fabric due to its lightness and low price.
  • Wooly filling. Ideal stuff for fans of natural products.
  • Corn fiber. The warmest duvets are made from this material.
  • down. Perfect material for those who want soft and cozy bedding.

It is possible to compare the main features of different types of quilts by following and find an ideal option for a comfortable night’s sleep in the summer.


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