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The best deals on true wireless earbuds April 2022

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When it comes to true wireless earbuds, there are a ton of brands and products to choose from. Whether you need something with basic noise cancellation for your daily commute, like the second generation Echo Buds or a fitness-focused pair like the Beats Powerbeats Pro, there’s now a pair of wireless earbuds to suit almost any occasion. Some, like the UE Fits, even conform to the shape of your ear for a secure fit that’s unique to you.

Regardless of the brand or model that appeals to you, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best deals currently available on true wireless earbuds. If you’re still looking for the right make and model for you, be sure to check out our guide to the best wireless earbuds, which should help you narrow down your options. We’ve also put together a guide to the best noise-cancelling headphones if earbuds aren’t your thing.

Highlights across the range

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Apple AirPods Pro deals

If you own an iPhone or multiple Apple products, the AirPods Pro are probably the best true wireless earbuds on the market for you. Unlike the basic AirPods, the latest Pros offer better sound quality and active noise cancellation, not to mention seamless integration with iOS and a MagSafe-compatible charging case.

While the AirPods Pro carry a hefty $249.99 price tag, they also go on sale quite often. During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, for example, we saw them drop to $160. They are no longer available at that price, but you can still get a pair with the MagSafe charging case for around $197 at AmazonwalmartTargetand Best Buy

Apple AirPods (second generation) offers

Alternatively, you can buy a pair of second-generation AirPods — now the entry-level model — with a wired or wireless charging case. The basic AirPods normally retail for $129, but you can currently get the version with the wired charging case for around $119 at AmazonTargetor walmart

If you prefer a little more convenience, you can also get a pair of second-generation AirPods with a Qi-enabled wireless charging case for a few bucks more. Apple no longer sells the wireless setup — and they’re getting harder to find online — but you can still get them for $159.99 instead of $199.99 at Best Buy

Apple AirPods (third generation) offers

The latest on the AirPods block is the recent third-generation model, the latest addition to the AirPods lineup. The earbuds kind of combine the AirPods Pro look with the hard, plastic construction of the second-generation model and come with a MagSafe-compatible charging case. They also offer IPX4 water resistance, improved sound quality and retail for $179.

While we recently saw the third-generation AirPods on sale for just $140, they can currently only be found for around $170 at AmazonTargetB&H Photo, en walmart† That’s only $9 off their regular retail price, but if you like the newer design and MagSafe charging, it might be worth considering.

AirPods (third generation)

The latest entry-level AirPods look similar to their slimmer sibling, the AirPods Pro, and feature a new charging case and shorter stems. They are also water resistant, unlike the 2019 model, and have better battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro deals

Samsung has a few different wireless earbuds to choose from, including its latest flagship wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro. These earbuds feature active noise cancellation and some of the best sound quality of any Samsung earbud to date.

During Black Friday, the Galaxy Buds Pro were more than $50 off, bringing the price down to around $150 – almost a historic low – in select colorways. Satisfying, AmazonBest BuySamsungand Target currently matches that pricesell them in most colorways for $149.99.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro features a mix of technology found in the Buds Plus and Buds Live, delivering the best sound quality the company has achieved in a pair of earbuds to date.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 deals

Samsung released the Galaxy Buds 2 in August — a great-sounding pair of earbuds with active noise cancellation, wireless charging and a subtle design — and we’ve seen plenty of discounts from retailers like Woot and Amazon since then. At the moment you can get them for example at Woot for $99.99, their lowest price to date. While these are in mint condition, they only have a 90-day Woot warranty. If that gives you a break, you can also buy them at AmazonBest BuyTargetand Samsung with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for about $130.

Samsung Galaxy Buttons 2

The Galaxy Buds 2 are Samsung’s new entry-level wireless earbuds. Nevertheless, they are packed with features that those on a budget would happily choose them over the more expensive Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Deals

The Galaxy Buds Live are some of the more unconventional wireless earbuds on the market today, but don’t let their bean-shaped design fool you. The Buds Live is a good option if you want earbuds that produce powerful sound and show marathon battery life. Right now you can buy a pair of Galaxy Buds Live at AmazonTargetBest Buyand Samsung for about $100 ($70 off), which is nearly their lowest price yet.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung’s unconventional wireless earbuds are shaped like beans, but they produce a powerful sound and have a long battery life.

Amazon Echo Buds (second generation) offers

Like their first-generation predecessor, the 2021 edition of the Amazon Echo Buds is a great value. Amazon’s latest true wireless earbuds offer greater comfort and better noise cancellation, along with a great passthrough mode that ensures you can always hear what’s going on around you. The $119.99 earbuds also offer hands-free Alexa support and sound that’s remarkably satisfying, with more bass than the AirPods Pro and an appropriate amount of restraint when it comes to the high-end.

The second-generation Amazon Echo Buds are often discounted at most retailers, in both the wired and wireless configurations. For example, the latest Echo Buds are currently for sale at AmazonTargetand Best Buy with the wired charging case for $49.99, easily their best price yet. However, we should note that Amazon offers 25 percent discount when you trade in certain devices.

Jabra Elite 85t Deals

In 2020, Jabra released the Elite 85t wireless earbuds, the highest model in Jabra’s current range. They offer more advanced noise cancellation than the last generation Elite 75t, but they also have less bass and an inferior fit. Like the rest of the models in Jabra’s current range, they even offer a rare feature that has yet to become standard in the true wireless earbud market: the ability to connect to two devices at the same time.

At the moment you can buy the Jabra Elite 85t from Amazon for $171.64 instead of $229.99 when you choose the copper-and-black colorway. That’s not as steep as their all-time low of $139.99, but it’s nearly $60 off. You can also buy them at Best Buy and GameStop for $199.99, if you prefer the black colorway.

Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra’s Elite 85t has noise cancellation and a semi-open design, which makes them slightly more breathable than the company’s other models. One of their most impressive features is the ability to handle multiple Bluetooth connections at once.

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 Deals

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 is another excellent pair of noise-cancelling earbuds on sale right now. As noted in our review, the earbuds offer great ANC performance, customizable controls and sound that’s almost on par with premium noise-cancelling over-ear headphones. Normally $299.95, you can: buy them now in white at walmart for $191 — one of their better prices yet — or in both colors of Amazon and Sennheiser for just $200.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Deals

If you’re currently looking for a reliable pair of wireless earbuds for your workouts, it’s hard to go wrong with the Studio Buds predecessor, the Beats Powerbeats Pro. These earbuds have an over-ear hook that keeps them in place during exercise; they also offer IPX4 sweat and water resistance meaning you don’t have to worry about ruining them when your workout gets intense.

Usually $249.95, the Beats Powerbeats Pro are on sale at AmazonBest Buywalmartand the official one Beats shop windowall of which also sell in a variety of colors for around $180. That’s not the lowest price we’ve seen the PowerBeats Pro go for — they retailed for around $150 most of November and December — but it’s still always a hefty discount on what would otherwise be a $250 pair of earbuds.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Beats Powerbeats Pro offer up to nine hours of battery life, with 24 hours provided by the case. They are also IPX4 sweat and water resistant and feature Apple’s H1 chip for easy pairing and hands-free Siri commands.

UE Fits Deals

After testing a few ourselves, we noted in our review that the UE Fits were the most comfortable consumer earbuds on the market. That’s because, unlike the other wireless earbuds on this list, the UE Fits are uniquely able to mold permanently to the shape of your ears in just 60 seconds, making them a great choice for those concerned. that their earbuds may become loose or fall out. At the same time, however, we also found that they offer good sound quality, as well as a long battery life of eight hours. Normally $199.99, you can get them now for only $164 from Ultim ears.

UE Past

The UE Fits come with ear tips that permanently mold to the unique shape of your ears in just 60 seconds. This provides a much better fit that you can wear comfortably for hours.

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