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The best ending numbers in the movie

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Shreya Christina
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This is a response to The perfect playlist to chronicle those perfect golden moments that no one else understands

Every movie has this crucial detail: the ending. Endings can be great or terrible depending on how well they are written. Another thing that can make or break an end is song choice. If you want to end the movie with a song, you need to find the right song to match the scene. Picking the right song can elevate a somewhat mediocre ending to an unforgettable one. Here are some of what I consider to be the best ending songs in the movie. Potential spoilers ahead.

Something in the Way – Nirvana (The Batman 2022)

Set during the aftermath of The Riddler’s plan, Gotham is now overrun and Batman has saved the day and the lives of countless Gotham citizens. As this scene progresses, Batman monologues about revenge and how you can’t change your past trauma, but you can use that trauma to grow as a person. Something In The Way is used many times throughout the film, but I believe this is the best use of the song.

Heroes – David Bowie (The Benefits of Being a Wallflower 2012)

Charlie gets his life back on track and meets his friends, Sam and Patrick. Sam tells Charlie she found what they called “the tunnel song”. They then go back to the tunnel and he gives a speech about living in the moment and feeling as he calls it “infinity”. He has his moment in the tunnel and as they drive off, Heroes plays and the movie ends. This ending scene further cements the film as a modern teen classic.

Don’t You (Forget Me) – Simple Minds (The Breakfast Club 1985)

Don’t You Forget About Me fits the classic teen movie genre. We’ll never know if the five teens stayed friends or became strangers again, but one thing was for sure: they’ll probably never forget that Saturday detention. This ending is simple yet realistic and the song choice adds to that.

Where’s my mind? – Pixies (Fight Club 1999)

After defeating Tyler Durden, The Narrator meets Marla Singer again. As he assures her that everything will be fine, the buildings around them begin to explode and Where Is My Mind begins to play. The narrator tells her that “you met me at a very strange time in my life” and the two hold hands and watch the remaining buildings collapse together. While this ending is different from the book, Where Is My Mind turns it into an unforgettable ending.


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