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The catalysts for telecom transformation

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Shreya Christina
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CEO of Telekom Srbija Groupa provider of fixed, mobile, television and internet communications services to more than 11 million subscribers

The traditional telecommunications (or telco) revolution is over. We are now in the midst of a transformative digital age where ultra-fast, reliable infrastructure is coupled with premium content to retain and attract subscribers.

I have previously emphasized the importance of partnering with world-class companies to deliver the changes needed to help our organizations and region thrive in the digital age. Our partnership with leading content providers has been an important part of our transformation strategy. During our journey, we also learned a lot from our experience in delivering digital content through an advanced, reliable infrastructure.

As we have progressed through the digital revolution, I have always believed that content should be at the heart of a telecommunications business transformation strategy. I would even go further and argue that telecom companies should strive to become the content providers and internet platforms of the digital age.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some brief insights on how telecom companies can implement this change. I hope this will help other telecommunications companies continue their own transformative journey.


Public demand for the highest quality and variety of digitized content requires flawless and highly reliable delivery over an infrastructure that can accommodate the rigors of the metaverse. That infrastructure should include:

1. A fiber optic network, 5G and data storage capacity

2. Content and creative solutions, including software

I believe the metaverse will unlock tremendous opportunities in the crossover of these two areas. Moreover, autonomous mobility will open up new opportunities for telecom companies on transformative journeys. Infrastructure, software solutions and creative content – whether in the metaverse or mobility or any other vertical – are welcome and universally needed.

An essential utility

Internet provision has become just as important as water and power. Such a transformation is inevitable, and this awareness is demonstrated by many European telecom operators who are now asking the EU to demand that infrastructure costs shared by internet platforms whose services depend on and are provided by it.

Time is everything

The speed of global change and shifting trends in digital consumption emphasize the importance of being prepared to seize the moment. Agile telco providers are ideally placed to consistently and increasingly invest in content. For example, we produce our own content, which we make available to a diaspora of more than 15 million people around the world.

Premium Content

In addition, investments in the purchase of broadcasting rights for national and international sporting events help to acquire subscribers, as customers naturally seek premium content. Other examples of such content include premium movie streaming services, global news and financial information channels. To meet customer demand, this is exactly what telecom operators need to offer.


Ease of use, as well as access to content, should be high on the list of benefits telcos provide to their customers. For example, we do everything we can to listen to our customers’ needs and offer the simplest solutions, such as plug-and-play functionality, so that customers can access the content anywhere, anytime with the greatest of ease.

There is no doubt that subscriber demand for content is increasing, and it must be delivered through a reliable, high-speed infrastructure. By transforming the delivery and availability of the highest quality content, telcos can ensure subscriber retention and drive growth, helping them reap the benefits of the digital revolution.

I hope the above insights will help others as they continue their own journey, and I look forward to sharing further observations on digital transformation in the future. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

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