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The difference between being a hockey fan in the US and Canada

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When you think of the countries most passionate about hockey, you probably think of Canada and the US. However, it turns out that the passion these two hockey-crazed countries feel for their beloved sport isn’t quite the same.

Check out some of the differences between hockey fans in the US and Canada and learn what makes these hockey fanatics unique.

Americans are less likely to be hockey fans

Americans are more likely to be basketball, football or baseball fans, while Canadians are more likely to be hockey fans.

The reason for this is simple: Canada has a long tradition of playing and watching ice hockey. The United States has no such tradition or culture for any other sport, except maybe golf (and even then it’s quite limited). Hockey has been around in Canada since it was invented by cod fishermen in the 1800s as a way to pass the time during long winter nights on the frozen sea.

Canadian players have more respect in Canada than American players in America

Canadian players have a better reputation in Canada than American players in America.

“There’s a lot more respect for Canadian hockey players here than for American hockey players,” said Brad Smith, a Canadian who has lived in the United States for a decade. “It seems easier for them.”

Canadians are more likely to bet on hockey

If you’re Canadian, chances are you’ve surrendered Canadian Sports Betting at some point in your life. This is because Canadians are more likely to bet on hockey than Americans. In fact, one in three Canadians is generally said to have placed a bet on the sport at some point in their lives.

Hockey is more popular in Canada because there really is no reason why

It’s just one of those things that just happen. Hockey is more popular in Canada because it is a Canadian sport.

It’s a bit strange, but hockey is one of the few sports where popularity varies greatly from country to country. Canadians don’t just love the sport anymore, they love it so much that they’ve created their own hockey culture and traditions, different from the fan habits of other regions.

The The United States has its own baseball and football leaguesbut those are professional sports (and have been for decades), while hockey is still largely amateur in America — the top league didn’t begin until 1967, when the NHL absorbed competitive leagues.

This means that Americans don’t have as much exercise or exposure to this type of competition compared to their northern neighbors who grew up playing shiny on frozen ponds with their friends during winter vacations at home or at school during gym class every day after school early because of snow storms (I come from Montreal).

Canadian fans believe they can play the game too

Canadians are passionate about hockey† They love the game and will go out of their way to watch their favorite teams. But there’s a difference between the way Canadians love the sport and how Americans love (or don’t) the sport.

In Canada: Hockey is a religion. In America: It is an expensive hobby that people enjoy occasionally if they can afford it.

Canadians respect their team players as celebrities; in fact they idolize them! And when your favorite player scores a goal or makes a save that makes his team win, not only are you proud of him, you’ll feel like he’s part of your family!

Americans aren’t too keen on their local hockey teams; many have never even heard of some of them! The NHL doesn’t get nearly as much attention in America as it does in Canada – and this means that American hockey fans tend to be more reserved than their Canadian counterparts when cheering on their favorite players at home games or watching them on TV (if they even watch sports). ).

Hockey is a bigger part of the Canadian lifestyle than the American lifestyle

Hockey is a big part of Canadian culture. It’s not just that we love it, but hockey is a bigger part of our country than it is in the United States.

In Canada, hockey is intertwined with our heritage, identity and entertainment. It’s everywhere – in every town and city in this country; on any pond, lake or river; coast-to-coast indoor lanes; in fields and arenas where people play fetch games in their spare time. Hockey has been around for over 100 years, but it wasn’t always like this!

Canadians are a bit more reserved, but when it comes to hockey, all bets are off

If you are a fan of hockey, Canadians will make you feel right at home. If you go to Canada during the playoffs and happen to see a game between two Canadian teams (even if it’s not in your area), it’s likely that one or more Canadians will invite you over for some poutine and beer.

The difference between being a sports enthusiast in the US and Canada can be summarized as follows: Canadians are just as passionate about their sport as Americans, but they don’t have quite the same attitude about it. They don’t always have time to watch every match or keep track of all the stats, but when it comes down to it? They want their team to win as much as the Americans.


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