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The end of the girl in the mirror explained!

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The supernatural horror fiction series, The Girl In The Mirror, has been attracting attention since its first season hit Netflix. However, the storyline of the show is anything but simple. That’s why fans have a lot of confusion about the end of the first season. So here we discuss how The Girl in The Mirror’s first season story ended.

The Girl in the Mirror Ends: Has Alma Returned from the Dead?

At the end of the series’ first season, Tom learns that Alma, who survived the bus accident, is not the real Alma. In fact, she is her jealous best friend, Deva. And the only way to force the replica of Jess Glynne and get the love of his life back is to push ‘Alma’ to death. Although Tom was planning to take a vacation by the sea, his feet started to get cold.

And save ‘Alma’ to see another day. When he ambushed “Alma” in her family’s treehouse and started choking her shortly after, Deva’s abusive stepfather practically completed the task for him. At the same time, Deva gathered her strength to throw the strangler out the window and kill him. The real Alma’s spirit enters her physical body the moment she takes her last breath.

The girl in the mirror

Meanwhile, Lara, Alma and Deva’s sister, who lost her life in the terrible bus accident, have passed on to the afterlife. But before that, she assured her mother that she will always be there for her. On the other hand, Alma briefly reunited with Tom when she got the chance to own her for a short while. They both agreed to move on in life, each going their separate ways until fate reunites them in time to come. Later, Alma also paid a visit to Aurora, the divine fairy godmother. During the meeting, Aurora told her that she had been waiting for this exact moment for ages.

On the other hand, Roque, now possessed, managed to confuse the henchman Martin’s father sent. Along with his sister, the enigmatic Nico, and a previous coma patient, all of whom have now been transformed into physical shadows of who they once were. The group travels to the mountain retreat to assist in summoning Therion.


The girl in the mirror

The cast of the thriller-drama series includes Mireia Oriol in the role of Alma, and Álex Villazán as Tom. And Pol Monen plays Bruno. Plus, the show also stars Claudia Roset as Deva, and Javier Morgade as Martín. And Milena Smit in the role of Nico.

In addition, there is also Marta Belaustegui as Pilar and Maria Caballero in the cast, among a few others. If the showrunners decide to bring the series back for another season, we’ll likely see the majority of the cast return to reprise their roles. At the same time, there may also be some new additions to The Girl In The Mirror season 2 cast.

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