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The Friends of the 2000s

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Shreya Christina
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Every girl remembers her first crush. Even if your first crush was the kid in your kindergarten class who ate crayons, your first true love will always be the one that holds the key to your heart. Growing up in the 2000s, everyone knew who your dream man was. Your family is probably still grieving you and your closest friends are probably still reminiscing, so it’s impossible to forget your first celebrity crush. You bought a Tiger Beat magazine every chance you could get to read what your favorite celebrity was up to. Your room was decorated all over with posters of them, and it was not uncommon to argue with your closest friends over who should marry him. If you were a 90s baby, you’re in luck because the 2000s were full of guys you could easily love. I hope you enjoy a walk through memory and quickly realize that Bieber certainly wasn’t the first man to have that haircut. Here are 15 babies from the 90s first boyfriends.

1. Jesse McCartney

He had me as soon as I heard him say he didn’t want another pretty face. I’m going to be honest, on every trip to the beach I have to listen to my old Jesse McCartney album and sing my heart out with every word. He had to be number one on my list because he will always be number one in my eight year old heart.

2. Zac Efron

I remember the first time I saw Zac Efron at the High School Music premiere when he walked into the heart of every girl in America. Over the years, he’s given us plenty of movies to love, from Neighbors to 17 Again, but let’s face it, HSM will always be number one.

3. Kenan and Kel

This show had my heart for so many years. Admit it, you had a thing for the crazy guys from Nickelodeon. Oh, here it goes.

4. Drake Bell

From the Amanda Show to Drake and Josh, it was probably safe to call him the King of Nickelodeon for a while. And it probably didn’t hurt that he was a musician. I’m not going to lie, I saw him in concert when I was ten and my voice hasn’t been the same since.

5. Jonas Brothers

Okay, it’s time to go crazy with some JoBros. Let’s take a moment to mourn all the friendships lost fighting over who would marry which Jonas Brother in sixth grade.

6. Taran Killam

It may just be me, but Taran has had my heart since Stuck in the Suburbs. If there ever comes a day when he plays/sings on SNL, my heart would probably explode with happiness.

7. Devon Werkheiser

Let’s face it, Ned helped us through school. We all fell in love with Devin Werkheiser for his crazy personality, his quirkiness and his heart to help. Thank you to Ned’s Declassified for giving me unrealistic expectations in my high school.

8. Chad Michael Murray

I fell in love with him as Austin Aimes in A Cinderella Story. I fell harder every time he walked across my screen like Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill. Some girls may have fallen for Nathan, but Chad Michael Murray has always held a special place in my heart.

9. Taylor Lautner

I’m pretty sure my seventh grade revolved around him. Girls in my class circulated magazines just by looking at pictures of him. My friendship with one of my best friends hasn’t been the same since she practically attacked me for a poster of him.

10. Ryan Merriman

Don’t know who Ryan Merriman is? Well, if you have a favorite Disney Channel original movie between 1999 and 2004, it was probably in it somewhere. It seemed like he was everywhere I looked and I was fine with that. For those of you who don’t know him from movies like Smart House and Luck of the Irish, you might recognize him from a more recent project of his: a little show called Pretty Little Liars.

11. Frankie Muniz

From Malcolm in the Middle to Agent Cody Banks, Frankie Munez was unstoppable in the early 2000s.

12. Justin Timberlake

JT keeps getting better and better

13. Aaron Carter

Try to convince me you didn’t love him. He was everywhere.

14. Shia LaBeouf

Who didn’t grow up loving Lewis Stevens? And who didn’t love him after Even Stevens?

16. Ryan Gosling

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

I hope you all enjoyed this little walk through memory. Be sure and comment below to let me know who you were totally in love with from the 2000s.

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