The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v27053

Genesis Order Genesis Order is the final chapter of the NLT saga that started with Lust Epidemic, followed by Treasure of Nadia. It will start a new chapter in 2021, after the closing of the Treasure of Nadia. The game will feature many familiar characters, including 13 new women.

In TGO, you take on the role of an undercover detective looking for an income and indulging in your love of solving mysteries and meeting beautiful women. This intricate story unfolds with countless twists and turns that you would think of in the typical NLT game. The Genesis Order Walkthrough – A step-by-step guide to unlocking each feature – Maximum percentage of each update, each event such as scenes, locations and characters

Continue through the prologue until the gym and farm are highlighted. That’s when the walkthrough begins.

First steps:

  1. Tasha: Her Shop (XXX) > Warehouse > Her Shop
  2. Buy a workout shit (store). Go to Jon (warehouse) for money
  3. Exercising with Heather (Gym)
  4. Move the hay bale (shed) > Push the rest out of the barn
  5. Get money from Jon (warehouse), buy the shovel (shop) and farm figurines to earn some money
  6. Free Roaming and NPCs:
    1. Give x1 figurine to Strip Center NPC for $200
    2. Take the wallet (Apartments > Right alley) > Give it to Channel 4 NPC > Take the Car Fob (Shop > Right outside) and give it to the Channel 4 NPC for a chest key
    3. Open the chest outside (top left corner) the main farm building to get the 1st key
    4. Go to the store and buy enough decorations for your house to call Hanna, but you need pages and there are no pages so far


  1. Go to apartments > events & scenes
  2. Shop > Buy Bell Boots
  3. Gym > Buy membership > Check the locker (right > top) > Grab the over reach boot (bottom right) > Pick up the phone (top of a locker)
  4. Go to Comic Strip Center > Grill > talk to Ella (pink hair) > Get out and go to Tasha’s store
  5. Forest
  6. Free Roaming and NPCs:
    1. Chest Wrench: Wikes Mansion > Garden > Right Side
    2. Page: Apartments > left alley
    3. Wikes Mansion > Enter > Top left > Find the statue under the left tree (garden)
    4. Catch the evil cat (outside Tasha’s shop) > Give it to the NPC (Condos)
    5. Booty Call: Buy the outfit for Erika > some decorations > Call Erika
    6. Buy the new scene in Tasha’s shop

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v09013:

  1. Church: Talk to Judy > move the box (bottom left) near Chloe > Get the shredded cable (same floor Judy was on) > Get the craft recipe (to the right of Judy & Chloe)
  2. Ray’s Farm: Enter the house
  3. Shop: Buy the metal detector ($140) > Go to the dock and get the fisherman’s thimble > Go to the warehouse and get the Cable Crimp > Find the other Cable Crimp and the lock pick in Ray’s Farm
  4. Make the Rigging Cable and talk to Father Brian at church
  5. Police: Enter the building > Go to the right > Top left door > Complete the minigame (all the way up) and get the access card > Exit the room > Exclamation point > Enter the code: 102 (is her address, check the apartments if you want(
  6. Free Roaming and NPCs:
    1. Coffin key: church garden (bottom right)
    2. Page: Open the chest (Church > Attic)
    3. Booty Call: Call Erika (new page)
    4. Buy the new scene in Tasha’s shop
    5. Lillian (wikes mansions) needs help, but it seems you can’t help her yet

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v12021:

  • Apartments > Ella > Gym > Larry (Red Shirt) > Comic Center > Gift (Exclamation Point) > Apartments > Ella
  • Heather’s house > Help Header & Carol (Back of the house) > Ray’s farm > Barn > get the manure (top right) > Water the plants (red hose button)
  • Shed > Get the crafting recipe (top left) > Apartments > Right door > Ella’s bedroom > Get the thongs > Heather’s backyard > Get the wooden handle (top right) > Heather’s Kitchen > Get the dull knife (table) > Use Angelcrafting and make the Machete
  • Forest > Help Hanna and Chloe > Use the machete (right bushes) > Take the artifact piece > Give it to Jonathan (warehouse):
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Chest Wrench: Farm (bottom right)
    • Police Station > Talk to Police Officer > Test
    • Dick Grill > Talk to the Girl > Unknown Locker Key > Open the Gym Locker for $250
    • Page: Open the chest (Forest > Waterfall)
    • Booty Call: Call Ella (new page)
    • Buy the new photo and outfit (shop)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v14022:

  • Go to the apartments (meet Erika) > Find the Lockpick (outside the mansion, right side) > Use it on the locked chest (enter the mansion > front door > right stairs) and get the Mansion Room Key > Back to the office > Right stairs > first door > get the Burner Flip > Back to the office > Left stairs > Check the paper (Morgan 142) > Unlock the Burner Flip (142)
  • (Activate x2 Gargoyles in the mansion)
  • Go to Eve Cathedral (Meet Chloe) > Go to Eve Cathedral again (take the lock pick outside and activate the Gargoyle) > Go inside > Go left (Activate the Gargoyle) > Outside > Get the Mysterious Key
  • Farm > Meet Carol
  • Enter the mansion > front door > left stairs > Open the locked chest (silver statue)
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Get the Cheese: Mansion > Front Door > Right Staircase
    • Give the cheese to the rat (outside shop > left side) and take the key
    • Shop: Buy the photo

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v16031:

  • Farm: Driveshaft Recipe > Find the Ingredients > Make it (Angelcraft) > Give it to Hannah
    • Bearing: magazine (top right corner)
    • Rubber boot: Warehouse (on the right side of the car)
    • Bold: Buy it (store)
    • Broken drive shaft: unlocked after finding the recipe
  • Farm > Get the lantern > Go back with the girls (cave)
  • Go home
  • Police station > Warehouse > Police station > Go right > Convince David > Interact with his computer (!) > Go left > Left > Up (Basketball court) > Go down > Go through the door (right side)
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Police station: Turn the valve (outside > Left (need more grease from the store)) > get the ball from the girls’ toilet near the basketball court > try your luck and get the box key
    • Farm > Cave > Open the chest for a new page
    • Talk to the girl in front of XX shop: Find her crucifix
    • Cathedral: cut down the bushes (right side) > take the crucifix > give it to the girl
    • New page: Mansion > Front door > Right staircase > Right > 1st door
    • Collectibles: x2 Booty Calls + x2 Photos (Shop and XX Shop)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v19032:

  • Police station > Enter > Right > Talk to Lilian (wikes mansion) > activate the 5th gargoyle (number on the floor)
  • XX Shop > Enter and talk to Nellie > go to wikes mansion and use the key with both locks (at Melissa’s)
  • Push the blue block on one of the two switches (on the floor), then stand on the other one
  • Heather Home > top > bathroom > get suntan lotion
  • Top > get your clothes > and break the jar to get a key
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Activate the 5th Gargoyle: Farm > Upstairs > Cave > Up > Go up and get the Page (open the chest)
    • Get the Kick: Wikes Mansion > Top Left
    • Shop: Buy the photos and outfits and call Carol


  • Heather’s Home: Upstairs > Bathroom > Changing Rooms > Pool > Kitchen (Go Right) > Changfe Clothing
  • Farm: Break the Jar (Outside > Right) > Get the Aloe Lotion Recipe:
    • Hand lotion: Heather’s laundry room (to the right of the kitchen)
    • Basic Container: Store ($100)
    • Aloe Plant: Farm > Go North twice
    • Essence of Medicine: Cathedral > break the jar to get the old book > Another jar in it > Left stairs for another old book > Right stairs > Make an offering (bronze idol)
  • Make Aloe Lotion and give it to Chloe > Leave the house
  • Gym > Cathedral > Go in and get Judy’s clothes, go back, go right, break the jar, Seed of Knowledge Recipe
    • x3 Old book: you have x2
    • Essence of intelligence: you got it
  • Go outside > remove the plants (right side) and go right > right again > Go up. Go inside > Right > take the batteries from the clock on the wall > Give the batteries to Larry (Gym)
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Shop outside: Talk to the man > Grab another Aloe Plant (same location) and give him to get a Chest Key
    • Go to where you found Sister Judy and open the chest to get a new page
    • Last old book: Wikes mansion > right staircase > first door > go in and look left > Craft Seed of Knowledge
    • New Booty Call, Photo


  1. After the call > Police station > Talk to the girl (!) > Talk to David (go right) > Buy an empty box from the store > Place a silver statue in it > Police station > Give it to the girl (!) > Talk to Andrea (above)
  2. Buy the Formal Suit (Store) > Buy Wine (Dick Grill) > Andrea’s Home > Break the Jar for the Seed of Strength Recipe (Requires Step 4):
    • 1st dumbbell: Gym (bottom left)
    • 2nd Dumbbell: Police Gym (Basketball)
    • 3rd Dumbbell: Farm 2nd Floor
    • Essence of Power: Break a Jar (Eve Cathedral)
  3. Visit Judy (cathedral > her room) for a scene
  4. Visit Hanna (Farm) > Complete Step 5
  5. Enter the police station, go left and break the jar to unlock the Soot Cleaner Recipe:
    • Soap: Heather’s Home > Above > Bathroom
    • Sodium carbon: on a loose ivy (Andrea’s house)
    • Phosphoric Acid: Break a Pot at Dick’s
    • Basic container: shop
  6. Eat the seed of strength recipe and break metal pots
    • Andrea’s house: golden statuette
    • Police station 2nd floor: Lockpick > Use it with the safe (1st floor) > get the belt > give it to the man upstairs > Open the chest at Andrea’s house (left of the door) and get a new page for Ella

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v25051:

  • Go to bed
  • Police station > Melissa > Find Andrea (above) > Enter the channel 4 building
  • Break the pot in the interrogation room (police) for a metal hook > Channel 4 building 2nd floor > Go right and take the rigging cable and grappling hook from the table
  • Wikes Mansion > See the gargoyle (outside > right side > 3rd floor)?, click on it
  • Police station > scene > Melissa office (right side)
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Forest Waterfall: Golden Figurine
    • Church > Outside > left side of the building > key pick up
    • Mansion > New area (just go forward and before you leave you will see a chest on the left) > get a new page
    • Buy the dress and the photo > Booty Call (Lillian)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v27053:

  • Go to Comic Strip Center > Eve Cathedral > Go Inside > Go Left > Up > Break the Jar > Get the Glass Plane Recipe:
    • Sand: Left Bank of the Waterfall
    • Coal: backyard of the mansion
    • Limestone: Dock, crack the weak rock
    • Soda ash: Enter the mansion from the backyard of the mansion and get the plant (right fireplace)
  • Give the lozenge to Father Solomon (Eve Cathedral)
  • Police station > Top > Down > Right > Melissa .’s office
  • Eve Cathedral > Right > Judy’s Dormitory
  • Forest > follow him > Eve Cathedral > Tell Father Solomon > get the Holy Water Bomb Recipe:
    • Holy water: buy a basic container (store) > use it with the cathedral fountain (entrance)
    • Chalice: Zolder Eve Cathedral (top left > top floor)
    • Essence of Intelligence: Make a Sacrifice (Eve Cathedral is top right)
    • Lid of Extreme Holiness: Activate the Gargoyle near the Sodium Carbonate location > go to the second floor (new room) of Eve Cathedral
  • Show father Solomon the holy water bomb >
  • Free Roaming and NPCs:
    • Find a key to the new toilet in Eve’s Cathedral and open the chest above to get a new page
    • Booty Call > Hanna > New Page


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