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The heart wants what the heart wants

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Where to start…… Let me start with the cliché that life plays tricks on us and what we do with it is what counts.

One day he entered my life. UNEXPECTED! And one day he ran away!

He came in with a smile! One that glittered from a mile away! He knew the right things to say! He made me laugh more than I thought! He made me smile bigger than the world! He didn’t know I had feelings! I didn’t know I had feelings! I didn’t know they were strong.

He prodded and probed until I told him I had feelings. I think I screwed up! Because he told me not to and instead of developing feelings I fell hard!!!! He walked away! He didn’t know how I felt or what I thought from that moment on! I smiled and faced the day with courage as I wished I had before he asked that question.

Oh, how that question is burned into my head! My heart and soul aches every time I think. He says he understands, but does he really?! He knows all my secrets, but does he know what these like! He’s my best friend and I can’t be honest with him! I support every decision he makes! I smile happily at every achievement, even when it hurts! I smile when he smiles! I frown when he’s in pain! But I can’t tell him my biggest secret of all! I fell in love with him on the first day and every day it gets stronger!

One day he will really understand! One day he will really see me in front of me! One day he will understand that I didn’t mean to fall in love with him! One day he will see that I want happiness, joy and love for him! But in the meantime, my heart hearts. The heart wants what the heart wants! If only I could restart the clock!

The heart really wants what the heart really wants! We cannot change that! Just remember that sometimes it’s going to hurt whether we like it or not!


A broken heart

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