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The JSA and ISA Team Up to Tackle a New Threat in “Ferenemies”

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DC’s Stargirl is one of the highly anticipated shows on the CW. The second episode aired in August and ended in November 2021. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of the superhero drama for Stargirl Season 3. Stargirl and the Justice Society battled the Injustice Society in an epic battle that lasted 13 episodes in the previous episode. episode. The horrific conclusion of the second season has made fans curious and excited about the next season. The show has an impressive rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Stargirl is set ten years after nearly the entire Justice Society of America was killed in a battle against the Injustice Society of America. A high school student named Courtney Whitmore encounters Starman’s cosmic staff. She learns that her stepfather Pat Dugan was Starman’s sidekick. The reveal thus inspires Courtney to form a whole new generation of superheroes. After moving to Blue Valley, Courtney recruits Yolanda, Risk and Beth to form the new JSA.

Image: The CW

Finally, they encounter the ISA led by Icicle and Brainwave, along with daunting villains such as Dragon King and his daughter Cindy Burman. During the second episode, Stargirl and the JSA were threatened by the re-emergence of former ISA members Shade and Eclipso. Stargirl wanted to prevent Eclipso and Cindy from forming the new INA called Injustice Unlimited. So, how does the story continue for Stargirl Season 3? Keep reading to find out!

Stargirl Season 3: Renewal and Production Details

The CW confirmed Stargirl season 3 in May 2021, months before the second season’s release in August. The CW picked up the series from DC’s former streaming network. The network supported the series, and the public reacted to the CW’s confidence in the superhero series. It has been watched by a wide audience worldwide, received impressive reviews and was appreciated by critics for its storyline and acting performance. According to the CW’s chairman and CEO, Mark Pedowitz, Stargirl is a perfect blend of “high-flying exploits” and “family dynamics.” So fans can expect more seasons after the third episode.

According to Screenrant, production of Stargirl season 3 started in October 2021. Meanwhile, production of the second season also started in October 2020 and was released in August 2021. So fans can expect a similar pattern for the third season. It is currently believed that the production is going through the second half of the main photography.

Image: The CW

How did last season end?

The JSA struggled to overcome their personal trauma after their first major win. They were attacked by the new Injustice Limited, formed by Stargirl’s nemesis Shiv. Shiv accidentally releases the demon Eclipso in an attempt to destroy the JSA, which ruins her father’s plans.

In addition, Eclipso took advantage of the JSA’s worst fears to pit them against each other. Eclipso planned to corrupt Stargirl and use their combined powers to drag Earth into the Shadowlands, a nightmare realm. Fortunately, the heroes and villains teamed up to free a possessed Stargirl from Eclipso’s grasp.

Starman surprisingly resurrected and led the team to reclaim Stargirl’s Cosmic Staff before Eclipso could get their hands on it. Towards the end, Stargirl realizes that humans have both good and evil in them as the JSA teamed up with the ISA to defeat Eclipso and free her in Supergirl Season 2.

Stargirl Season 3
Image: The CW

Stargirl Season 3: What to Expect?

Stargirl and the JSA may form an unlikely alliance with the ISA during Stargirl Season 3. The third episode is titled ‘Frenemies’. Thus, the upcoming season is set to portray an unconventional but necessary alliance between the JSA and ISA to defeat the evil forces that want to destroy the Earth. As the heroes and villains come together to battle, fans can expect some internal conflict between them in the coming season.

The Frenemies team faces their new threat in the form of Helix Institute and Mr. bone. They will try to solve the mystery surrounding the institute and Mr. Bones, who claims to be a respected professional. Thus, the enemies embark on an unpredictable adventure that could take them to another level during Stargirl Season 3.

Image: The CW

Who will return for the next season?

The main characters returning for Stargirl Season 3 are Brec Bassinger as Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore. Courtney is a high school student who encounters Starman’s Cosmic Staff, turns herself into Stargirl, and revives the JusticeSociety of America. In addition, Yvette Monreal as Wildcat II, Anjelika Washington as Doctor Mid-Nite II, and Trae Romano as Mike Dugan are also expected to return. In addition, Jake Austin Walker, Meg DeLacy, Neil Jackson and Christopher James Baker are expected to appear in the next season. Furthermore, Luke Wilson, Hunter Sansone, Nick Tarabay, Joe McHale and Neil Hopkins could also return for Stargirl Season 3.

Stargirl Season 3
Image: The CW

Stargirl Season 3: When is it coming back?

Fortunately, the CW had Stargirl season 3 renewed even before the release of Season 2. In addition, production for the third season was already underway in October 2021. So if the network follows a similar release pattern, we can expect Stargirl Season 3 to return in August 2022. Also, the third episode is expected to feature a total of thirteen episodes, similar to the previous one. So stay tuned for more exciting news updates, only on


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