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Shreya Christina
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Somehow we’re not freshmen anymore. The second year came and went. The youth year flew by. Even seniors don’t fall anymore. As the date of our inevitable graduation approaches, it’s officially senior spring. Higher spring. The last moments of our undergraduate careers. What lies behind that overly hyped walk across the stage is a world completely different from the one we live in now. It’s a world of responsibility and stress, where drinks cost over two dollars and it’s not normal to go out on Wednesdays. A world where you are expected where clothing is made of materials other than spandex and where your reputation can influence your professional life. It’s a scary thought, but luckily that day is still a few months away.

All we can do now is try to appreciate what we’ve had before

it’s gone and live by the words senior spring. The next two months of your life should be governed by those two words. They are your motto, they are your mantra and they are your goal.

All questions must be answered by them. Why are you going out the night before an exam? Senior Spring. Why are you shooting at 11 in the morning? Senior Spring. Why do you order five boxes of pizza at 2 a.m.? Senior.

Spring. Go out on Monday. Shout in public. Cut into lines in front of the bar and when people shoot your dirty looks, stare straight back and say the words “senior jump.” Send weird and embarrassing drunk text messages. If you read them in the morning, remember that you will never see these people again in a few months anyway. Don’t apologize, just text ‘senior spring’. Spend a whole day on the couch with your best friends sharing stories from the night before and plans for the future and cherish the time you have left, all together in the same city. Don’t bother taking off your pajamas and ordering when you’re hungry. If your parents ask you what you’ve been doing with your day, say “senior spring.” Skip so many classes that you forget you have it. Realize that this was a mistake and go to office hours to beg for forgiveness. If your professor asks what happened, just answer, “senior spring.” You have almost 160 credit hours anyway; it’s not like changing your GPA. Go to any sporting event you can, even if you don’t really like sports or don’t understand the rules. Cheer as loud as we score that you

startle the family sitting two rows down. Yell at players you don’t know. No one loves their college more than a sophomore senior. The freshman may think so, but that’s simply because they have no idea how much that love will grow. The alumni may think so, but that’s because they’ve forgotten how strong their loyalty once was. And when we win, feel the same elation that the older players feel, and when they run off the track, yell “senior spring.” This is it, my friends. This is where it all ends. The last moments of our youth. Our last chance to be absolutely ridiculous and not think twice. After this come jobs, responsibility, marriage, children. Don’t let it get lost. Don’t let it pass. Don’t let an exam for a professor you never remember get in the way of a semester you’ll never forget. Don’t think twice. Don’t even think once. Just think of these two words: senior spring.

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