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The Untold Truth About the ‘Gold Rush’ Star

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You would expect that the lucrative nature of the gold mining industry would be reason enough to become famous. However, most prospectors and owners live their lives in relative obscurity. Sure, they achieve a certain amount of fame within the industry, but it’s rare that they catch the public eye. This is what makes gold prospector Parker Schnabel’s fame so unique. Parker was plucked from a life of anonymity when he made his debut in the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” series. Parker Schnabel, a hard worker dedicated to his craft, quickly became a favorite among the show’s viewers.

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Early life and family

Parker Russell Schnabel was born to Roger and Nancy Schnabel on July 22, 1994 in Haines, Alaska, USA, and has a brother named Payson Schnabel. In keeping with a long family tradition of gold mining, much of his childhood was dominated by this industry. He lived near the gold mine, The Big Nugget, which his grandfather, John Schnabel, founded, and remembers learning how to wrangle heavy machinery from an early age. He doesn’t look back on these memories with regret, but appreciates them for helping him build the career he has today.

As a child, he also enjoyed hunting and often boasted that for many years the family never had to buy meat, sinking only from his catches.


Schnabel has only had basic training as he dropped out of school at the age of 16 to devote his time entirely to mining. Though he was set to attend secondary school, he used his entire college fund to set up his first mining expedition. All of his mining knowledge was passed down to him from his father, grandfather and the other miners he met first in his youth and later in his career.

Parker Schnabel


Early mining

Parker didn’t fiddle with chores to find his calling; he already held the mantle of his grandfather’s mining company in 2010 at the age of sixteen. Although he initially push back of the other miners – an experience he describes as “a bunch of old guys who wouldn’t be told what to do” – he quickly proved himself leading the miners to success after success. At the age of 19, he moved to Klondike to pursue projects of even greater magnitude.

“gold rush”

The Discovery Chanel had been scouting Parker since he was 15 and already recognized that he was someone to keep an eye on.

gold rush” follows the exploits of family-owned gold mining companies and explores the ups and downs of the industry, and Parker Schnabel was part of the show from season one, which premiered on December 3, 2010 and continues to this day. While Schnabel was largely outdone by his competition in the early seasons, but had his first big break in Season 4, when Parker and his team won an astonishing 1029 ounces of gold, and from there his success only grew as he surpassed his competition. continued to be surpassed by significant amounts. By the time season nine rolled around, he was mining millions of dollars worth of gold each season, handing out 7,427.25 ounces that season.

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Parker’s success has led to him being recognized as one of the most successful miners in the Klondike area, not to mention a huge star due to the show’s popularity. Schnabel has starred in multiple spin-offs of the show, including one titled “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail,” which has been running steadily since 2017.

Private life

Relationships and social life

Parker Schnabel has a surprisingly quiet personal life. He has spent so much of his time mining and the TV industry that he has time for little else. For a while, Schnabel had the support of his long-term girlfriend, Ashley Young – at one point, the couple even announced they were having a baby.

However, the audience was devastated when he announced that they had split up during the show’s eighth season. His current relationship with her and the child are unknown. As for maturity, however, Parker took responsibility for the entire affair, realizing that he had let his work consume him so much that he was no longer a priority, and was working on their relationship.

Still wanting the best for him, rumors started circulating that he was dating Sheena Cowell, an assistant producer on the show, so it made sense that the two had spent a lot of time together and developed affection for each other. .

The public was grossly disillusioned with this fantasy when it was revealed via an Instagram post that Cowell had married an unknown man in Serbia.

Despite building a considerable fortune for himself, Parker does not lead a lavish lifestyle. He stated, ‘I don’t have a boat or fancy cars or a nice house. I have a big expensive sandbox instead.’. Much of his money goes straight back to mining in a sort of endless cycle where he dedicates his life to his craft. He also doesn’t socialize much. Having entered the mining industry so young, it was easy to lose touch with friends and classmates. He says it’s “a bummer, but I do what I love, so that’s what you give up, I guess.”


Parker Schnabel has dark brown hair and eyes and a boyish demeanor that complements his youthful features. The nature of his job contributes to his muscular and healthy physique, yet he appears as a slimmer figure. He is 1.72 m tall and weighs 75 kg.

Net worth and salary

During his time on the show, Peter Schnabel has unearthed more than $30 million in gold. He also gets a hefty salary from his performance on the show, reported $25,000 per episode. Parker Schnabel doesn’t flaunt his wealth or spend his money on cars and property, preferring to keep a low profile. That said, as of 2020, Schnabel has an estimated net worth of $10 million.


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