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The Untold Truth of Jim Carrey’s First Wife

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Melissa Womer is an American actress, producer and comedian, who has endured a difficult climb to success. Her fame only peaked after she married everyone’s favorite rubber-faced comedian, Jim Carrey. Her own personal career had only a few highlights, and since their divorce, she has remained out of the public eye ever since, as few details about her current affairs and her childhood have been disclosed to the media.

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Jim Carrey with his first wife Melissa Womer, 1991

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Nevertheless, there is still plenty to discuss about her life, and if you want to learn more about Jim Carrey’s first wife and mother of his lovely daughter, Jane Erin Carrey, read on.

A difficult childhood

While no information about Melissa’s childhood, family and siblings has been made public, she has said she was raised in a dysfunctional family. What exactly that means or how dysfunctional her family was remains a mystery.

However, from her reluctance to share early life stories, it can be assumed that her childhood was not so colorful.

Melissa Jaine Womer is born on July 8, 1960 in New York City, New York, USA, where she is known to have spent most of her younger life. With a difficult childhood, Melissa traveled to Kansas to attend varsity, and while studying at the University of Kansas in Kansas City discovered her interest and talent for comedy.

Strange as it may be, it’s common for people with troubled pasts to have a natural aptitude for comic relief. Melissa’s primary and secondary school education is not yet known, but it is widely known that she graduated from college.

Her difficult rise to fame

On the varsity, Melissa also worked odd jobs to make ends meet, including writing jokes for a morning radio show for a Kansas City broadcaster.

After graduation, Melissa moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles, where she intended to pursue fame and fortune as an actress.

Her beginnings were filled with struggles and difficulties and to make ends meet, she had to accept a job as a cocktail waitress at a comedy shop on Sunset Boulevard. It also happened to be where she would meet her future husband, Jim Carrey, who, like her, was a struggling actor at the time.

This was in the late 1980s, before Jim Carrey’s rubbery facial expressions would bring him fame on the comedy sketch show “In Living Color.”

Jim Carrey at home with his wife Melissa Womer and daughter Jane Erin Carrey, 1991. Photo by Richard Perry. Mineā€¦

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While working in the comedy shop, Melissa got the chance to showcase her talent as a stand-up comedian at an open mic night and quickly became a customer favorite.

Although it took her some time, Melissa’s hard work paid off when she landed her first film role, in the biographical film ‘Man on the Moon’, starring Jim Carrey. By the time the film was released in 1999, the couple had already divorced.

Melissa had a small role, ironically as a waitress in a comedy shop. After her failure to achieve real success as an actress, Melissa began to turn her attention to film production.

She has been heavily involved in several productions, including ‘The Real Stories of The Donut Men’ – a mockumentary that is a spoof spin-off of the reality TV show ‘Cops’ – and ‘The Yesterday Show With John Kirman’ . Melissa’s career has been largely held back and has never given her the same attention that her now ex-husband has enjoyed.

Jim Carrey

Relationship and marriage with Jim Carrey

Melissa met Jim while working as a waitress on Sunset Boulevard. Their romance lasted a year before the couple decided to tie the knot in 1987, on March 28 at the Santa Monica Hotel in California. Melissa was the oldest in the relationship, two years older than Jim.

On September 6, 1987, Melissa gave birth to their daughter Jane Erin Carrey, and their relationship seemed to last for some time, having been married for eight years when their divorce was confirmed on December 11.

Their relationship problems started after Jim’s fame grew and he was too busy being the family man Melissa wanted, leading to their eventual divorce.

During the divorce, Melissa tried to look for $5 million, but ended up getting $3.5 million. In the years that followed, Melissa received another $7 million for Jane Erin’s well-being. It’s not known if Melissa got married again, but Jim didn’t waste much time before retiring.

Just a year after his divorce from Melissa, he married Lauren Holly. In media speculation it was thought that Jim divorced Melissa because he was having an affair with Lauren, although Melissa denied this, saying it was their busy schedules that caused them to grow apart. Despite the divorce, Jane Erin is believed to have had a great life and became an actress and singer. She is also married to Alex Santana and had a child with him. Melissa is the proud grandmother of Jackson Santana.


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