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The Untold Truth of Mark Hamill’s Wife

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Few people can claim that they’ve never heard of Mark Hamill – those who do would probably still recognize his face if asked. The American actor, with over 344 credits to his name, spearheaded one of the longest-lasting franchises in history: “Star Wars”. The actor has far from faded into the background as he is still active in the industry, even voicing Chucky in the horror movie “Child’s Play” in 2019. As recognizable as he is, many are unfamiliar with his humble and humble wife, Marilou York. The two have actually been married for four decades, a fairly rare occurrence in Hollywood. So, who is Marilou York?

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Early life and family

Marilou was born on February 11, 1955 in Carmi, Illinois, USA, to parents Jean Apple and Doyle Fredrick.

Mark and Marilou Hamill (then York)

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Her parents’ careers are unknown, as is much about her early life. She was an only child to her parents and is a smart and devoted person. Sadly, Marilou York has lost both her parents, her mother in 2009 and her father in 2001. Hamill and his family have been an indispensable pillar of support during this time. The only known legacy her parents left her was a “die-hard Democrats” attitude.


York received her education at Carmi Township Halls High School. She was a conscientious and intelligent student, for she graduated as valedictorian and majorette, a nod to her perseverance and application to her studies.

She was able to qualify for a place at Parkland College where she studied dental hygiene, graduating in 1975, and immediately pursued her chosen career in the workplace, where she would eventually meet Mark Richard Hamill.


Dental hygienist

So Marilou worked as a dental hygienist. Not one to take things for granted, nor one to be satisfied with anyone else’s salary – even if that someone is the famous Mark Hamill with a net worth of $18 million – York retained her position in the dental industry for nearly thirty years. , develop into a skilled and experienced professional.

Marilou York and Mark Hamill

Amazing Invisible Inc.

In 1993, Marilou’s husband invited her to act as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the company he founded, Amazing Invisible Inc. She is also the CFO of the closely related Hamjamill Inc which was founded in May 2014, also the brainchild of her husband. She is also the owner of My Management, which was founded around the same time as Hamjamill Inc.


York made a single venture in the entertainment industry that captivated her husband. In 2004 she co-produced “Comic Book: The Movie”, which is described like a straight-to-film flick. The film is a mockumentary that explores the completely twisted relationship between comic book creators and Hollywood producers.

Iconic figures such as Stan Lee and Kevin Smith made their appearance in the film, lending the film gravitas and credibility. The film was dotted with stars, from Billy West to epic producer JJ Abrams. While this movie wasn’t exactly the biggest success, it gained some notoriety in the industry, most likely due to its dazzling cast of actors. This is also the only record of York’s forays into the entertainment industry as she now takes a back seat to her husband’s success and fame, without any ill will.

Private life

The story of Hamill and York’s relationship is sweet and funny, but it also tells the effects of fame on relationships.

The two met when Hamill walked into the dental office for his appointment and spotted the dental hygienist, who was undeniably sexy. He describes her appearance as ‘looking at a painting by Vargas’ – for those who don’t know, Joaquin Albert Vargas y Chavez is a notorious Peruvian painter who specialized in painting seductive and evocative pin-up girls. Initially unaware of Hamill’s comment about her beauty, York accepted his proposal for a date after his appointment. The pair had a brief hiccup in their relationship after Hamill got a taste of fame when “A New Hope” hit the mainstream in 1977. The couple broke up and Hamill moved to Las Vegas, where he dated co-star and showgirl Anne Wyndham.

However, Hamill soon realized that sometimes it’s the relationships born outside of fame that are the most true. He returned to Marilou York and the two dated for a year before getting married in 1978. Their wedding was a quiet and unequivocal affair that took place on December 17 in Mark Hamill’s backyard in Malibu.

The two had to forgo a honeymoon due to Hamill’s performance in “The Empire Strikes Back”, which was filming at the time. This had no apparent impact on their marriage and the couple welcomed their first child on June 25, 1979, whom they named Nathan Hamill. In 1983, a second son, Griffin Hamill, was born on March 4, and they were eventually rewarded with a daughter, Chelsea Hamill, on July 27, 1988.

The family remains close and affectionate. While her children have all pursued different careers – Nathan as an artist and illustrator, Griffin as a martial arts instructor, and Chelsea who works in public relations at Amazing Invisible Inc. — have shared all of them in the spotlight of Hamill’s success, all with various cameos in the ‘Star Wars’ movies. Nathan seems to be the only one with a solid footing in the entertainment industry, working on the arts side of production, such as music and art, and even starred in a few additional movies, such as “Office Ninja” in 2014. The guys show a remarkable performance. resemblance to their father.

Unlike many Hollywood partners, Marilou tends to shy away from the limelight. She is not in the relationship for fame or recognition, although her preferences certainly give her this. York is seen as the driving force, support and secret behind her husband’s success in the industry. There are unsubstantiated rumors that Marilou tried to force a woman, Meagan Chen, who had impregnated her son into an abortion, but the child was born and named Autumn. A whole host of paternity tests have been done, but the results have not been disclosed. Chen eventually gave up on the lawsuits and the case remains officially unsolved.


Marilou may not retain all those looks that Mark Hamill first drew to her in 1977, but the spirit of all those features is still evident. Marilou is slightly shorter than her husband, who is 1.75m tall. York wears her hair to shoulder length and is styled, keeping it light brown. She has light blue eyes and is always stylishly dressed.

Net worth and salary

Marilou has built an impressive net worth independent of her husband’s, quoted as $5 million by mid-2020. This is the product of years of dedication, hard work and dedication to her craft. She currently receives a salary as CFO of two of Hamill’s business ventures, as well as from her property of My Management.

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