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The Untold Truth of Rob Lowe’s Wife

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Do you know who Sheryl Berkoff is?

Perhaps not many people would know Sheryl Berkoff if she weren’t married to world-renowned, award-winning actor, producer, and director Rob Lowe. Sheryl was born Sheryl Lynn Berkoff at 20e June 1961, under the constellation Gemini, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Sheryl was a makeup artist and has appeared in more than 30 major films since 1985, including “Frankie and Johnny” and “Eve of Destruction” in 1991, “Glengarry Glen Ross” in 1992 and “Ghost in the Machine” in 1993. Her last makeup job was on the set of an episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” in 2012. – a documentary from a TV series, which also featured her husband, Rob. Her fame has earned her numerous TV appearances, as well as those in which she was accompanied by her husband.

Rob Lowe and wife, Sheryl Berkoff

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Since 2007, Sheryl has been running a successful jewelry company, Sheryl Lowe Jewelry.

Sheryl was raised by a single mother and her grandmother, and lived in Southern California. She studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising from 1980 to 1982.

The Marriage and Family of Sheryl Berkoff

While working as a makeup artist in the 1980s, she met Rob. At the time, she was in a relationship with his boyfriend, the actor Emilio Estevez – Rob and Emilio were both members of what were known as the ’80s actors, ‘Brat Pack’. Sheryl and Rob were set up on a blind date in 1983, only to reunite in 1989 on the set of the movie ‘Bad Influence’, on which Sheryl worked as a makeup artist.

Rob remembers their first date, with plenty of margaritas and nachos at Lucy’s El Adobe, a Mexican restaurant across the street from Paramount Studios. He really liked Sheryl and says it was a very successful date.

They married two years later at 22nd July 1991. They are still together, and in every way they seem to be getting strong as they approach their 30s. to goe anniversary next year – a milestone in Hollywood terms! Sheryl and Rob have two sons – Edward Matthew Lowe born in 1993 and John Owen Lowe born in 1995, both of whom are graduates of Stanford University.

The family loves dogs and traveling. They traveled a lot together while the boys were growing up, fueling Matthew’s (as he prefers to be called) passion as a photographer.

Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff

on his Instagram page, with more than 80,000 followers, he calls himself an “ocean addict” because he loves diving. The younger brother, John, who also plays and writes music, already has 165,000 Instagram followers.

Both young men have done some acting, such as “The Lowe Files” in which they explore the US with their father Rob, investigating mysteries and unusual phenomena. They were also featured in several TV interviews and reality shows. John completed his studies at Duke University in 2019, plays music and writes screenplays etc. Matthew is a licensed lawyer and when he graduated from Loyola Law School in 2019, John posted, ‘Two brothers, two futures. One upholds constitutional values, the other might one day win a Teen Choice Award. Really solid stuff from both of us.’

More about Sheryl Berkoff

Sheryl has blue/grey eyes and blond hair, is 172 cm tall and takes care of her figure weighing around 65 kg. When the boys were young, Sheryl moved into interior design and was featured in Architectural Digest and other magazines. Sheryl is known to have strong spiritual beliefs. She has always loved to collect cultural mementos and gems during her travels, and this sparked her passion for jewelry design.

Sheryl’s jewelry can be found at exclusive stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, and is worn by well-known personalities, including Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow. Her brand also has a male section titled “Mr Lowe”. Sheryl searches for antique pieces and unique gemstones, which are incorporated into her designs to give her clients healing properties and bring beauty into their lives.

About Sheryl Berkoff’s husband, Rob Lowe in brief

Rob Hepler Lowe is now 56 years old, born on 17e March 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia, and later moved to Santa Monica in Southern California. His parents were Chuck (a trial attorney) and Barbara Lowe (a retired teacher). His younger brother, Chad, is also an actor and was married to actress Hilary Swank from 1997 to 2007.

Rob received a Golden Globe Award for a supporting role in the TV movie “Thursday’s Child” in 1983, and starred in many films during the “Brat Pack” era, including “The Outsiders” and “St Elmo’s Fire”.

In 1988, Rob was involved in a sex tape scandal involving an underage woman in Georgia, followed by another part of the tape, filmed in Paris, where Rob and a friend had sex with a young American model, who was then sold as one of the earliest celebrity sex tapes available.

This negatively impacted his career and he retired to Santa Barbara, California. There he overcame his drug and alcohol addiction, which he claims Sheryl helped him through. He then severed ties with the “Brat Pack” and focused on being a family man.

He reappeared on television as Sam Seaborn in “The West Wing,” a political drama that ran from 1999 to 2003, a role that earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination and two Golden Globe Awards. Rob has since gone on to star and star in a long list of movies and TV series, such as the movie “The Invention of Lying”, and the series “Parks and Recreation” and “West Wing”. The most recent is the TV series “9-1-1 Lone Star” launched on 19e January 2020, ending its first season on 9e March, and for which his son, John, wrote part of the script.

I’m bringing my one man show to Atlanta on April 27th. Buy your tickets today:

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The series is about a firefighter who strives to save lives, and like Rob on 13 . tweetede April: ‘I can’t wait to tell more stories about our heroic first responders. Now more than ever. See you this fall!’

Rob is not only a famous actor and producer but he is also a published author. In 2011, his book was released entitled “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” and in 2014 another book “Love Life”. He also promoted several brands and bought Miramax in 2010 in collaboration with other investors, but it doesn’t stop there. In 2015, he also launched a line of skincare products for men under the banner of “Profile”. His latest effort in April 2020 is the launch of his podcast, “Literally with Rob Lowe”, in which candid conversations with his famous friends and other famous personalities will take place.

The saga of the babysitting processes

It seems hard for famous people to escape scandal, and the Lowes are no exception. A 25-year-old nanny who had worked for them accused Rob of 12 sexual harassment and labor violations. Another nanny was accused of spreading “malicious lies.” Another had romantic intentions for Rob, claiming that he had harassed her and that they had an intimate relationship, and also claimed that Sheryl was an abusive boss. Rob filed separate lawsuits against all of them in April 2008, along with his claims against a former chef who had violated his employment contract by engaging in unsavory activities on their property at their expense, and because the chef had told other people that Sheryl is heartless and cold.

In June 2008, the judge dismissed two of the charges on insufficient legal grounds, and in May 2009, all other lawsuits were dismissed at the request of both parties. When asked how Sheryl managed to get him through it all, Rob tells reporters that Sheryl is safe and confident.

The Lowes as philanthropists

From a more positive angle, the Lowes have always believed in paying it forward. A portion of Sheryl’s jewelry revenue is currently donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is involved in breast cancer support and research. She also participated in the “Commitment to Life IV: Los Angeles AIDS Project Benefit” in 1990. Rob is also a supporter of breast cancer organizations as he suffered personal loss with his great-grandmother, grandmother and his mother who all died as a result of this disease.

Five percent of every product sold in its “Profile” range goes to the Wounded Warrior Project. The family lives in Santa Barbara and Rob is also a founding member of the local Homeowner’s Defense Fund for land use control and planning.

Sheryl Berkoff and the Lowe family on social media

Sheryl has a private Instagram account, and her sheryllowe jewelry account sports nearly 50,000 followers. She is less active on her Twitter account, with only 2,000 followers. Sheryl’s sons, Matthew and John, have a huge following on social media.

Rob, as famous as he is, has a huge social media presence with over 320,000 followers on Facebook (although his last post there was in March 2019), 1.4 million on Instagram and 1.6 million on Twitter. The family often compliments each other on social media.

Rob has often referred to Sheryl as his “beautiful wife” and her sons have expressed admiration for her and their father’s achievements. It is clear to see that both parents are very proud of their sons and vice versa.

How much is Sheryl Berkoff worth?

With the ever-growing fame of the Lowes and countless business ventures, one can imagine that their combined net worth would run well into the millions. Could the claims be true that Sheryl has a net worth of? $19 million in her own right? Well we know as quoted by verified sources, that her husband Rob is worth close to the impressive $60 million. The Lowes overcame the challenges they faced together, and Sheryl’s strong character and unwavering support from her husband helped them through. It is remarkable to see what can be achieved and that it is possible to overcome adversity.


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