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The Untold Truth of Tom Hanks’ Brother – Jim Hanks

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Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, but not many people are aware of the fact that Tom has two brothers, one of whom is an actor like him. Jim Hanks, who has lived in the shadow of his older brother’s fame, looks like a copy of Tom, and has appeared in numerous productions as a body double and voice replacement for his brother. In addition to being an actor, Jim is also a recognized producer, director and cinematographer. Here’s every untold truth we might find out about Tom Hanks’ younger sibling, who is often referred to as Jimmy.

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Early life and family

James Matthew Hanks, better known as Jim or Jimmy, was born on June 15, 1961, eight years after his oldest brother Larry, and five years after Tom. His father Amos Mefford Hanks worked as a cook, and his mother, hospital worker Janet Marylyn Hanks, moved many times over the years their children were born, meaning they were born in different places, Tom was born in Concord, California, and Jim in California’s Shasta County. Their mother is of Portuguese descent and father has English ancestry. In 1960, shortly before Jim was born, Amos and Janet divorced.

Amos had brought the oldest siblings, including Sandra, Larry, and Tom.

Of course, Jim stayed with his mother, who later moved to Red Bluff, California. Amos died in 1992, but not before he married Frances Wong, a San Francisco native of Chinese descent, who had three children. While few secrets are kept about Tom’s childhood, it’s not the same for his brother Jimmy as nothing else is known about his early life, apparently a closely guarded secret.

Educational background

Little information can be found about Jim’s educational background; it is not known where he went to high school but it is said that he graduated but it is not known where nor in what he graduated.

Jim Hanks

After college, Jim moved to Sacramento, where he worked as a waiter. His wife’s employer, an agent, encouraged Jim to pursue an acting career, which led to Jim taking acting classes and pursuing a career in show business.


Jim’s acting career began in 1993 when he made his debut in the movie “Buford’s Beach Bunnies” as the lead character Jeeter Buford. In an effort to get the part through his own abilities, and not being recognized as Tom’s brother, he initially auditioned as Jim Matthews.

his true identity was not revealed until the final paperwork was completed. Though the producers noted his resemblance to Tom, Jim got the part because of his performance.

In 1994, Jim starred in the movie “Forrest Gump”, as a running double for his brother. Following this, Jim mainly starred in small roles and B-movies in the 1990s, including in “Xtro 3: Watch The Skies”, “Baby Geniuses” and “Inferno”. He also starred in the 1999 film “Blood Type” as Stew, a role for which he was awarded the Angel Film Award for Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to starring in movies, Jim has also appeared in several episodes of television shows, including “Homefront,” “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” “JAG,” and his final appearances in ” Scrubs” and “Dexter”.

Jim also did a lot of voice acting during his career, some of which was for the famous Tom Hanks character Sheriff Woody in the “Toy Story” spin-offs. Other voice credits include the 1988 soap opera “Sunset Beach”, also “Robot Chicken” and “Milo Murphy’s Law”.

Jim also did many voices for video games depicting famous Disney movies, including “The Polar Express” and the video game series “Disney Infinity.”

Jim has also worked as a cinematographer on several films and produced and directed several short films, including “Wish”, “The Floor” and “Hazelnut”, just to name a few. He also directed episodes of a few television series, including the TV movie “I Married Who?”.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Jim first worked as an infomercial actor while trying to make his mark in Hollywood – in fact his appearance in a Volvo ad made people suspect that Tom Hanks might be struggling!

However, if there is any doubt about Jim’s acting prowess, it should be noted that Forrest Gump’s mannerisms and famous running are derived from the characteristic behavior of Jim’s first casting role. jeeter. For this reason, Jim was asked to play most of the scenes in “Forrest Gump” that involved Gump running.


Jim is married to actress Karen E Praxel, who starred in the directorial debut film “That Thing You Do!” by Tom Hanks. They took their vows long before either of them had any success in Hollywood, on May 26, 1986, and have apparently lived happily ever since. They have one child together called a son Gage Hanks.

Physical Characteristics

  • Date of Birth: June 15, 1961
  • Hair Color: Brown, Bald
  • Eye Color: Light Blue
  • Height: 5ft 8in (1.76m)
  • Weight: 165lbs (75kg)
  • shoe size: 8 (US)
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Net value

All the work Jim has done in Hollywood is estimated to have brought him in net value of over $2 million, as of mid-2020.

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