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Things To Look for When Choosing Bluetooth Speakers

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There are many different types of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. This article provides things to look for when choosing a Bluetooth speaker.


The size of the speaker is key. If you have ever used one before, you will know that having a small speaker can add up to major frustration when trying to find where it is in your bag and then finding out that it’s not working anymore because it was crushed by other items in your bag.

For this reason, we recommend looking for one that is small enough to fit in your bag but large enough so that the sound quality isn’t compromised. The best way to do this is by checking out reviews because most people online will mention if they had issues with their devices due to them being too small or too big for comfortability purposes (and even for storage).

Battery life

You should look at the battery life of a speaker when considering if it’s right for you.

The battery life will vary depending on the type of speaker, so be sure to read reviews and compare speakers before making your decision.

If you’re looking for portability, then battery life is an important consideration. If you want to take your speaker with you on trips or out for a hike, then it’s important that your speaker can last long enough for you to enjoy yourself without worrying about needing an outlet nearby.

Battery life will also vary depending on whether or not the speaker is connected to the power source; if connected to a power source (through USB or otherwise), this reduces the drain on the batteries and increases their overall capacity. It may also affect how quickly they recharge if recharging is possible over USB ports as well as how long they last when fully charged due to voltage regulation within circuits controlling charging current flow into or out of them so keep this in mind while shopping around as well.

Sound quality

Sound quality is very essential when choosing a speaker. The frequency response, or the range of sounds it can produce, should be considered. Also, look for a speaker that has a good bass response and can be paired with other speakers to make your music sound even better.

You should also think about sound quality at high volumes: does it distort too much? Does it still sound good? Finally, consider whether you want to purchase Marshall Bluetooth speakers or some other brands.

Water resistance

Water resistance is not the same as waterproofing, which is a feature that must be specifically advertised by the manufacturer. Water resistance is measured using IP ratings, and the higher the rating, the better your speaker will be able to withstand water (and other liquids). For example, a speaker with an IPX5 rating means it can survive splashes of water from any direction—this makes them perfect for outdoor use at a beach party or poolside event.

Connectivity options

The next important thing to consider when choosing a Bluetooth speaker is the connectivity options. This will determine how you can use your speaker and whether or not it will be compatible with other devices. A good choice would be one that supports multiple forms of connectivity, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC (near field communication), USB and 3.5mm jack inputs.

Audio line-in (AUX)

An AUX input is a port that allows you to connect your non-Bluetooth devices. You can connect your TV or game console, or even a computer with an AUX input. This can be useful if you want to play music from something other than your phone, like a TV show or movie soundtrack.

Multiroom pairing

When you’re choosing your speakers, look for multiroom pairing. This allows you to pair multiple speakers together and play the same music in multiple rooms or different music in each room. You can also use one speaker as the main unit that plays the same music in multiple rooms or have a single speaker playing different songs in each room.

Sound level controls

When you’re listening to music, it’s important to have control over the volume. You might want to turn up the volume when your favourite song comes on, or you might need to lower it if there are too many people around who are talking loudly. Either way, it’s essential that your speaker has sound level controls so that you can adjust the volume as needed.

Voice assistant integration

Voice assistant integration is a must-have for any Bluetooth speaker, especially if you’re looking for something that can be used to control smart home devices or act as a hands-free way of answering calls. You’ll want to keep an eye out for Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, as well as Apple Siri support if you’re an iPhone user. Some speakers will support all three assistants, but if your favourites aren’t on the list, don’t panic. There are plenty of portable speakers that have built-in microphones so they can double as hands-free speakers instead.


Bluetooth speakers are a great way to listen to music and other audio content, but there are a lot of options out there. Some have better sound quality than others, some have better battery life than others and some even have voice assistant support. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing which speaker best suits your needs.

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