Thursday, May 19, 2022

This week on SUDS, the Startup Daily TV podcast: Labour’s job plan, technology rich list, Groks save Australia, the DAO threat and Curtis Stone’s startup game

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Every week on the Start up daily TV showwe talk to more than two dozen founders, CEOs, investors and experts about what’s happening in technology.

Now you can see the best of the show with the weekly podcast, SUDS.

Every Friday, co-hosts Simon Thomsen and Eliot Hastie offer Startup Daily TV’s weekly wash-up.

In this week’s SUDS, we discuss Labor’s election pledge to partner with the Tech Council of Australia to create 340,000 new tech jobs by 2030† Is it ambitious enough?

And Australia’s The List, detailing the country’s 250 richest people, is out, with technology making its way from the top 10 co-founders of Canva and Atlassian to the co-founders of Afterpay. Of the 131 billionaires, about 10% made their fortune in technology.

During the show we spoke with Dr. James Curran of Grok Academy, the charity training the next generation in technology and cybersecurity after a simulated cyberattack that involved 10,000 schoolchildren to fend it off.

And we met a future tech billionaire in high school student Nick Mihailou, who at the age of 16 runs his second startup, the app building company Appstra† His shares in other startups have made him a paper millionaire, while juggling college and being a founder and investor.

And with Blockchain Australia Week underway, we spoke to Senator Andrew Bragg after his opening address in which he described DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) as “an existential threat to the tax system” about the issues. He also broke the news when Treasurer Josh Frydenberg released the Terms of Reference for a review of the taxation of digital transactions and assets such as cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Jodie Mlikota, founder and CEO of Gathar, the “Airbnb of Diners,” has enlisted LA-based Australian expat chef Curtis Stone to help the Queensland startup expand into the US market.

And RocketLab founder Peter Beck has backed New Zealand startup Dotterel Technologies with a $2.8 million raise for its microphone technology, which captures clear sound over long distances. Founder and CEO Shaun Edlin told us about their ambitions and incredible technology.

You can watch episode 3 below (and previous eps) or subscribe to SUDS through your favorite podcast app.

Presenters: Simon Thomsen and Eliot Hastie

Producer: Jaxson McLennan

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