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Thomas Beaudoin’s biography, accident, injury. Is he married?

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Who is Thomas Beaudoin?

Born on August 21, 1981 in Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada, Thomas Beaudoin is an actor, best known for his work on the television series “The Blacklist”. Other notable projects he has had during his career include the Lifetime movie “The Spirit of Christmas” and the TV show “Hubert & Fanny” in which he starred.

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The fortune of Thomas Beaudoin

As of early 2020, Thomas Beaudoin’s net worth is estimated to be over $5 million, earned through a successful acting career. In addition to television and film work, he has also participated in several Broadway productions. He has also modeled for high profile brands, which has helped him land valuable contracts.

Early life and education

While Thomas was born in Thetford Mines, his family later moved to Drummondville where he would grow up. At a young age, he had no clear direction with his career, but he showed great athletic ability and initial interest in sports. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal, where he earned a degree in psychology with a minor in sports science. The university is the by-product of the merger of Sir George Williams University and Loyola College, and is one of the largest universities in the country in terms of student population.

A year after graduating, he realized that he was not very interested in psychology and began to take an interest in acting. He dropped out of school and moved to New York, where he began acting under the Lee Strasberg Institute. The school is known as one of the most popular in the area, focusing on Strasberg’s method acting techniques. Some of the school’s prominent alumni include Matt Dillon, Lady Gaga, Steve Buscemi, Miles Teller, and Alec Baldwin.

Career Start

When he finished his acting studies, he also became more adept at English – his first language at home was French.

He started his career as a model because he possessed the looks and physique to be successful in the field. Because New York was one of the top areas for models, he quickly gained access to high-profile brands and became a fashion model- for luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabanna and Armani. This, in turn, led him to travel the world and participate in catwalk shows, photo shoots and other events. Soon he got more work from the perfume brand Escada, Lise Watier Cosmetics from Canada and the popular sunglasses brand Ray-Ban.

His acting career also began in New York, when he began appearing in several off-Broadway productions, including “Cuisine and Dependences” and “La Dame Aux Camelias”.

He made occasional trips home to take advantage of opportunities to appear in local television shows and movies; one of his first films was the French Canadian comedy “The Roberge Case”, which follows the story of a nighttime radio host who struggles with the direction of his career.

Continued acting

Around the same time, he also landed his first television series project, as he worked on the French-Canadian-Swiss co-production “Lance et Compte”, translated as “Launches and Counts”. The show was very popular in Quebec, thanks to its US-inspired theme and cinematic style. He then made a guest appearance on another local show – “Destinies”.

Thomas Beaudoin

For the next few years, he did mostly independent film work while concentrating his efforts on television. He appeared in one of his most notable television movies, “The Spirit of Christmas”, which aired on the Lifetime channel.

In 2015, he became a part of the ABC series “Manhattan Love Story”, but it was short-lived, cancelled due to lack of interest from viewers. At the same time, he also appeared on an episode of “Trauma”, before landing a recurring role on the show “The Blacklist”. The NBC show follows the life of an FBI team, led by profiler Elizabeth Keen, who has a high-profile criminal as an informant who supposedly has a “blacklist” of the world’s most dangerous criminals.

The two try to work together in exchange for gaining immunity from prosecution of the criminal.

Recent acting projects

Beaudoin returned home to work on the “Blue Moon” series, which ran for three seasons before ending. He was part of the show from the second season. The show tells the story of a woman who inherits the company from his late father, Blue Moon. He also had a recurring role on a season of “Victor Lessard”, which aired in Canada. The show is based on the novels “Je me Souvines” and “Violence Original” written by Martin Michaud, who also produced the TV show.

His latest role is the titular Hubert in “Hubert and Fanny“, which aired in 2018. The show starred him alongside Mylene Saint-Sauveur and it is not yet known whether the show will be renewed for subsequent seasons. Around the same time, he also appeared in the movie “When Love Digs a Hole”, Ara Ball’s directorial debut. The film tells the story of a high school student who falls in love with a neighbor after his parents decide to take him to the countryside in hopes of restoring his delinquent lifestyle. The relationship causes more problems between the child and his parents.

Private life

Thomas is single and does not talk about his romantic pursuits.

He was rumored to have a romance with YouTube personality and actress Jen Lilley after the two appeared together in “The Spirit of Christmas” as romantic partners, but the rumors were later shot down when it was revealed that Lilley had been married for a long time. time even before filming the movie. Since then, there have been no reports of his romances, which is why he is also rumored to be gay, but this has not been confirmed.

Aside from romances, Thomas has a very active lifestyle. In his spare time, he keeps fit through boxing and rock climbing, and is also proficient in the Israeli martial art, Krav Maga. One of his hobbies in photography. He loves motorcycles and has participated many times in charity motorcycling events. He can play the piano and is an animal lover, to adopt a Rottweiler to support animal adoption.


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