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Three steps to building trust for business success

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Brian Cristiano is a top business and success strategist and the creator of BOLD CEO.

Many of us spend our entire lives being told that trust is the key to success. Everyone from school teachers to parents spits out the confidence, that’s the main cliche. While many cliches have no ground, I’ve found that this one does! Trust is really the key to success in business and in life.

That said, I’m sharing a three-step method for building trust for business and life success. Plus, I share why trust is the most important cliché that is actually true. It doesn’t matter if you are 90% confident or 10% confident; anyone can gain confidence with this three-step method.

Where does self confidence come from?

In my experiences with advising and coaching business leaders, I have noticed that self-confidence is a matter of self-confidence. You are more likely to be confident if you trust yourself. Trust comes from having a personal history of responsibility. By that I mean you have a history or do what you say you want and you live up to your words.

In addition, building self-confidence is rooted in personal responsibility.

Self-confidence is a matter of self-confidence.

Think for a moment about a close friend or family member who you know will be there for you during a difficult time. Ask yourself why you trust them. You are more likely to trust the friend or family member because you trust them.

Self-confidence is no different from trusting someone else: if you trust yourself, you can trust yourself.

Self-confidence is a matter of personal responsibility.

Trusting yourself is no different than trusting a friend: you trust a friend when he does what he says he will do in the past. On the other hand, you don’t trust a friend who has no history of sticking to their words.

Self-confidence is no different: you will trust yourself if you have a history of personal responsibility. I have found that the most confident people have the highest degree of personal responsibility.

What are the possible consequences of low confidence in business?

Having low self-esteem can affect every step you take in business. Low self-esteem not only affects the day-to-day running of your business, but it can also have broad implications for overarching business goals. Unfortunately, most of the consequences of low trust are anything but positive. And while there are many implications, here are some of the worst:

Difficulty forming strong teams: Your level of confidence is energetic. Team members often feel whether you have confidence in yourself. Your confidence is not only energetic, but it is also contagious. If you have low self-confidence, the whole team can develop low self-confidence!

They can see that you don’t even trust yourself or the company to succeed and begin to feel the same. In the end, the whole team suffers from low confidence. This can reduce productivity, innovation and enthusiasm. How do you expect a team to function like this?

Sales Growth Challenges: How do you expect current and potential customers to trust you if you don’t trust yourself? Not only can team members become infected with your low trust, but also your customer base. As a result, revenue growth may level off or go downhill.

As the heart of a business, sales success is everything! If the sales department doesn’t make consistent profits, the rest of the organization can crumble because there aren’t enough resources to survive. That said, challenges to revenue growth caused by low confidence are a matter of company survival.

Follow a three-step process to build trust for business and life.

You cannot run a business without trust. Are you confident 100% of the time? No, but you can become more and more confident by building confidence in yourself. Remember that building trust with yourself is a matter of staying personally responsible. That said, here’s my self-confidence process for business and life success by building confidence and living up to your words.

1. Set three to five daily goals.

First, set three to five new goals that you will do every day for two to three weeks. These goals can be anything from 50 cold calls a day to walking three miles every day. However, make sure any goal pushes you out of your comfort zone. The target is worthless if it doesn’t push you! Goal setting gives you the opportunity to work on personal responsibility; to have a successful day you have to be responsible for every goal.

Stick to the goals you have set for two to three weeks. Prove to yourself that you are worthy of trust by remaining accountable for every goal.

2. Repeat until you get the most out of it.

After two to three weeks of focusing on the first set of goals, create a new set of goals to follow for the next two to three weeks. Only this time, increase the stakes by increasing the difficulty of each target. For example, go from 50 cold calls to 75 and jog three miles instead of walking.

After the two to three weeks are up, repeat the cycle again! Continue to create a newer and more difficult set of goals every two to three weeks. Keep going until you feel like you got the most out of it. Maximizing is the feeling you get when you reach the absolute peak of your ability without breaking. Plus, maxing out is all about pushing yourself to the limit through goals.

3. Reflect.

Throughout the process, consider how far you’ve come. You prove to yourself that you can set goals, stick to them, and keep increasing the effort. In addition, you prove that you are responsible and therefore worthy of your own trust. Over time, that self-confidence can turn into self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter where you stand in terms of confidence – this three-step method is for everyone. Not only can your self-confidence increase your business and life success, but I have found that it can also increase your enjoyment of the journey. And there’s no point in running a business if you’re doing it without fun.

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