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Tokyo Ghoul Filler List – All Episodes Guide (UPDATE) [June 2022]

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We give you the latest and most comprehensive Tokyo Ghoul Filler List and a Filler Guide That: includes each of the Tokyo Ghoul Filler shows.


Episode List Tokyo Ghoul

Title Type Broadcast
1 Tragedy manga canon 2014-07-04
2 Incubation manga canon 2014-07-11
3 pigeon manga canon 2014-07-18
4 Supper manga canon 2014-07-25
5 scars manga canon 2014-08-01
6 cloudburst manga canon 2014-08-08
7 captivity manga canon 2014-08-15
8 Circular manga canon 2014-08-22
9 birdcage manga canon 2014-08-29
10 Login manga canon 2014-09-05
11 High Spirits manga canon 2014-09-12
12 ghoul manga canon 2014-09-19
13 New peak Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-01-09
14 dancing flowers Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-01-16
15 executioner Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-01-23
16 Deeper layers Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-01-30
17 rupture Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-02-06
18 Thousand Paths Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-02-13
19 permeation Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-02-20
20 Old Nines Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-02-24
21 City in anticipation Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-03-06
22 last rain Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-03-13
23 Flood of flowers Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-03-20
24 ken Mixed Canon/Filler 2015-03-27

What is Tokyo Ghoul Filler List?

If you want to enjoy suspense or super horror, dark fantasy shows and dark fantasy, The Tokyo Ghoul filler list series is the best choice.

Tokyo Ghoul Filler List is an animated series that takes inspiration from Dark Fantasy as a genre that Sui Ishida creates the script and art.

This Tokyo Ghoul story is based on the student Ken Kaneki, a student from Tokyo. A Ghoul was able to attack him.

A ghoul is a superhuman creature that feeds on human flesh. He was able to survive the attack. On the run, he turned into a creep and a criminal.

Ken Kaneki is the main character in the story. He is a college student. He had one date named Rize Kamishiro.

Rize appears as a creep. She can attack Ken. However, he can escape. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

After recovering, Ken discovers that surgery has turned him into half a creep. This was because certain organs were transferred from Rize to Ken’s body.

He must now consume human flesh. This is like other normal ghosts for survival. He has been brought in by the ghosts who run the cafe ‘Anteiku’.

They show him how to be half a creep in his new home. Some of Ken’s challenges are adapting to the creepy world. Ken keeps his identity a secret from his human counterparts.

Especially Hide Yoshi Nagahisa, his most trusted friend. Don’t miss this intriguing series of supernatural events. You will definitely enjoy the show.

Last words:

You now have the Tokyo Ghoul Filler List which contains the complete Tokyo Ghoul Filler Episodes List. If you are looking for an anime fill list of another anime series, let us know in the comments.


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