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Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date, Finally Renewed!

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Tokyo Revengers is a manga adaptation anime series that will meet fans in the summer of 2021. Those who know the anime should know that the series is actually quite popular in Japan and worldwide with its manga series. The manga has more than 40 million copies in circulation and outsells popular series such as One Punch Man or The Promised Never Land† The anime series directed by Koichi Hatsumi aired between April 11, 2021 – September 19, 2021 and consisted of 24 episodes. The anime broadcast on many local channels was also licensed by crunchy rolls, and viewers from all over the world had the chance to watch it in English. It is animated by Liden Moviesthat we know with another beloved anime,”Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor† Fans are now wondering if there’s a second season from the anime. So has the anime been renewed for a second season?

What is Tokyo Revengers plotline?

The story revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki who has no purpose in life and does not have much talent. Often referred to as the “Cry-baby Hero”, he constantly runs away from his problems. But although he is a coward, he does not run from a fight. He can always stand up to someone much bigger and more dangerous than himself to those he cares about.

One day, Takemichi is pushed onto the railway and seemingly dies. Then he wakes up in his high school days, 12 years ago. High school student Takemichi is very different from today’s Takemichi. He had dyed, slicked back blond hair and was a member of a criminal gang. He realizes that he has been allowed to turn everything around. He will be able to rescue his ex-girlfriend, Hinata, and her brother Naoto, who were killed by the Tokyo Manji gang. When Takemichi first travels through time, he rescues Naoto, who acts as a “trigger” in the present. Once Takemichi shook hands with Naoto, he would be able to time travel, both past and present.

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The moment Takemicich Going back in time for the first time, he tells Naoto that his sister will die on July 4, 2017, and that it’s best to protect her. However, 12 years later, Naoto is alive, but his sister is still dead. Now they both have to work together to prevent Hinata’s death. As Takemichi travels back and forth in time, his desire to save Hinata turns into a desire to save everyone.

Will there be a second season of Tokyo Revengers?

on December 18, 2021, three months after the anime’s first season, the good news was announced to the fans. Tokyo Revengers has been extended for a second season† The production decision for the anime, which will be about the Seiya Kessen (Christmas Eve) arc of the manga series, delighted fans. In our previous review, we were sure that Tokyo Revengers, one of the best anime of the year, would get a new season endorsement, and our predictions didn’t mislead us. We think the series, whose manga sales have surpassed 40 million, could easily get approvals for the new season in the future. A new in-season teaser has also been shared. (You can check it out at the end of our article.) It was also announced that the anime will have a mobile game.

second season decision

manga status

The manga series from which the anime is adapted is written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Kodansha has been publishing it in both the original language and English since March 1, 2017, and the manga has a total of 24 parts so far. The manga series is still ongoing. Since the anime has increased sales of mangas, the continuation of the series is also a factor that increases the chances of a second season.

On the other hand, in the first season of the anime, the first 8 parts of the manga were adapted. Looking at the remaining source material, there seems to be enough source material available for a new season or more. Therefore, the situation of the manga series does not seem to be an obstacle to the decision for a second season.

Disc sales

Disc sales have declined in recent years as online video viewing habits have increased. However, animes still release their discs and the sales figures are good compared to other anime released in the same period. Tokyo Revengers is one of the few anime that managed to be the target of 4,000 sales during the year. Other animes that were able to reach this sales amount during the year were popular anime like Mushoku Tensei and Re: Zero

Volume Date sale
1 16.06.2021 6.068
2 7.07.2021 6.604
3 4.08.221 6.680
4 1.09.2021 6.147
5 6.10.2021 9.673
6 4.11.2021 7.756


Since the anime is already popular with its manga, many viewers were waiting to watch it before it was released. Featured on crunchy rolls, the anime is the 161st most popular anime according to Myanimelist data, and we are sure that the anime that quickly comes to this ranking will soon enter the top 100. On the other hand, we also see a strong search volume for anime on Google. In comparison, the anime is currently more searched than the record-breaking Demon Killer

tokyo vengeful search volume
Tokyo Revengers Search volume on Google
search volume demon slayer
Demon Killer Search volume on Google

The series also has an official Twitter account. The official page is currently followed by 883k people, which really proves how popular the anime is. If you want to see a comparison one more time, we can say that anime is followed more than the popular series Re: Zero (574k).

Tokyo Avengers Season 2

2nd season Chance of Tokyo Revengers

Publication date

TBA (expected end of 2022)

Popularity on Mynanimelist


Popularity on social media


Popularity on Google searches



Perfect ratings (8.32 on MA, 8.5 on IMDb)

Good popularity

Has a bestselling manga (40m+ in edition)

Enough availability of manga source material

Success in disc sales

Pretty new anime

Extra income with Live-action movie, Mobile Game

Ongoing manga


No major distributor like Netflix at the moment

When is the second season of Tokyo Revengers?

The second season of the anime has been announced, but details about the Publication date have not yet been shared. However, thanks to this announcement that came quickly, we will not have to wait many years for the new season of the anime. New seasons usually take about 6-12 months to produce after renewals. See a new season of the anime in line with the title of the second season in the Christmas of 2022 seems the most plausible prediction for the time being. However, this date is just speculation for now and we’ll update this section when it’s officially announced. Stay tuned. Until then, we advise you to watch B: The beginninga popular anime in the same genre.

What happens in season 2?

At the end of the first season, Toman took a win and Hanemiya is still alive. But we didn’t get the happy ending. We have learned that Mitsuya is the leader of a school club. In the last episode, Mikey surprised everyone by inviting Hanma. The Toman Gang suddenly grew to 450 members. Kisaki captured Toman and Takemichi was unable to complete his mission.

gakuen babysitters season 2

When Takemichi returns to the future, he discovers that Toman is now one of the most successful names. Takemichi can’t understand what’s going on. After investigating it, he slowly begins to recognize the faces around him and realizes that some of them are his friends from high school. Chifyu goes to a meeting with Takemichi and they find out that Takemichi himself is the most successful manager there. Takemichi has now managed to get close to the gang. However, some members used to be in Black Dragon and this is causing problems among the leaders. During the meeting, Hanma says that there is a traitor among them who is cooperating with the police. Kisaki is also present at this meeting and everyone is under his command. When Takemichi wakes up, he finds himself and Chifuyu tied to a chair. When Kisaki realizes that Chifuyu is a snitch, he beats him until he’s covered in blood. He then shoots Takemichi in the leg and points the gun at Chifuyu’s head.

Before Chifuyu dies, he tells Takemichi that Mikey is gone and that Draken will be executed. Chifuyu has only dealt with the gang for 12 years, but that is now coming to an end. Kisaki continues to lead the Manji gang. He apologizes individually to Takemichi and Chifuyu for the events in Bloody Holloween. Kisaki gives the impression of being a good person now, but it’s not easy to stay that way in the future. At the drinking table, Kisaki confesses that he used Kazutora to kill Baji. With this confession, everything suddenly starts to turn and Takemichi faints. A season full of plot twists awaits us. Stay tuned.


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