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Tom Cruise Tips for Staying Young, and You Must Try

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Do you know why Tom Cruise still looks young? As of 2022, Tom Cruise will be 59 years old. But far from thinking about retirement, he seems in better shape than ever, ready to continue playing the movie characters that made him a legend in the action genre.

We may think that we are aging more slowly now because of evolution. Someone who is 40 today doesn’t look like someone who was 40 in the 60s, but the truth is that Tom Cruise, and many other actors, have shown that the secret is in learning to take good care of yourself, and this includes your skin, your hair, and even the clothes you decide to wear.

At an age when many actors become the father or mentor of a protagonist, Cruise remains the protagonist and, as author Lee Childs, author of Jack Reacher, says, is an unstoppable force that will not go away. nowhere yet, and that’s because he’s doing a few things to look and feel young for longer.

What does Tom Cruise do to be young? Follow the main things below:

Exercise is his priority

In a recent interview, Cruise was asked what he does to stay young, and he replied: “Sea kayaking, caving… fencing, treadmill, weights… rock climbing, hiking… jogging… I do so many different things. activities.

Having an exercise routine has helped him look and feel like someone half his age. Therefore, he does activities and training aimed at giving him energy, strength and stamina, which he also needs to perform his action scenes and dangerous tricks. Cruise combines cardio with strength training and other activities outside of the gym. Because he also wants his muscles to stop aging.

good diet

Even the best exercise routine won’t get you very far if you don’t supplement it with a balanced, healthy diet full of essential nutrients. Cruise reportedly consumes up to 15 small, snack-like meals throughout the day, never to run out of fuel or be too full, giving him energy throughout the day and able to consume as much as he needs.

In addition, it tends to moderate carbohydrates as they can cause inflammation when eaten in excess and can damage the skin and accelerate aging. He reportedly eats a David Beckham-inspired diet of about 1,200 calories.

Tom Cruise style

Yes, the clothes you wear have a huge impact on your appearance and can make you look younger or older. Cruise usually pays close attention to what he’s wearing, especially since he’s not very tall.

You see the actor with suits and looks, always focused on having the right fit, which is what conveys strength, authority and youth. His style is smart casual (between relaxed and formal), he wears tighter clothes that are not tight and avoids very square or large cuts, as well as making sure the sleeves and legs end exactly on the body. And he avoids very bulky clothes to have a more stylized look.

His positive mentality

Cruise has said several times that he sees difficult things as a challenge to overcome, and that this gives him the energy to move on. There are all kinds of studies that say the attitude you have can have a big impact on your life and health, and Cruise plans his goals and sees the warm as an opportunity to learn and not a failure, which also protects his mental health. Health.

work ethic

Cruise is very dedicated to his job, doing his own stunts, even if they are dangerous. He tries to learn as much as possible for his characters. He even learned German when he did Valkyrie, and this works for two things.

Firstly, it helps constantly learning new things to prevent cognitive decline and protect memory, on the other hand, you can find a good balance between life and work, reduce stress and maintain your rest and recovery times, which are essential to avoid burnout. out and fatigue that also age you.

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