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Tommy goes after Gauthier and Miltie after they find out about the sex tape!

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It seems that Gauthier and Miltie will be in trouble after Tommy Lee finds out about his viral sex tape in Pam & Tommy Episode 4. In addition, Pam will inform Tommy about the tape and urge him to do something about it in the upcoming episode . Furthermore, the police will be called in to locate the missing safe that was stolen by Gauthier. So keep reading ahead to learn all the updates on the fourth installment.

Pam & Tommy Episode 4 Preview: What Will Happen?

The fourth episode of Pam & Tommy is titled “The Master Beta”. Pam and Tommy will take desperate measures in the upcoming episode to get their property back. In addition, Gauthier and Miltie will set up a website to sell copies of Tommy’s sex tape after he refused to pay for the renovation of the house. The website is expected to flourish. However, they could be in trouble if Tommy finds out.

In addition, Tommy could find out that Anderson is pregnant with his child. And Pam and Tommy’s sex tape will be all over the internet. Meanwhile, the police are called in in connection with the theft of the safe from Lee’s house. Tommy goes after Gauthier and Miltie when he finds out they are the ones selling the sex tape online.

A short summary

Hulu premiered the show by releasing the first three episodes of Pam & Tommy. In the premiere episode, craftsman Rand Gauthier worked on the renovation of Tommy Lee’s home. Gauthier was quite frustrated with Lee’s last-minute demands. In addition, Lee paid him late for the building materials he had bought out of his own pocket. Additionally, when Gauthier and contractor Lonnie demanded their payment, Lee dismissed their work as low-grade and fired them.

Gauthier forgot his toolbox and went back to get it. But Lee arrived at the same time and grabbed the tool at gunpoint. Gauthier decided to take revenge and returned to Lee’s house with Lonnie to steal a safe from the garage at night. Fortunately, he found a sex video that Gauntier took to his former boss, porn director Uncle Miltie.

Image: Hulu

In the second episode, Tommy fell in love after meeting Pamela Anderson at a nightclub. He followed her to Cancun and had a wild night of sex with her. Finally, he decided to propose to her with the planned wedding on a beach. Furthermore, in the third episode, Miltie and Gauthier tried to sell the porn tape to various distributors. However, no one bought it for fear of legal implications.

In addition, Gauntier searched online for a piece to fix his wife’s toilet. The internet gave him the idea to sell copies of the tape online. When Miltie heard the idea, he arranged to meet with deep throat producer Butchie Peraino to invest in the plan. Elsewhere, Anderson attended some meetings about the promotion of Barb Wire and got pregnant with Lee’s child in Pam & Tommy Episode 3.

Image: Hulu

Pam and Tommy Episode 4: Air Date

Hulu will release Pam & Tommy Episode 4 on February 9, 2022. The network will air a new episode weekly on Wednesdays at noon ET. In addition, fans can stream the miniseries on Disney Plus. The current season will have a total of eight episodes. So don’t skip the fourth episode and keep coming back for more exciting e[pisodepreviewsonlyonTechRadar247com[pisodepreviewsonlyonTechRadar247com[pisodepreviewsalleenopTechRadar247com[pisodepreviewsonlyonTechRadar247com


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