Top 11 Best Smoking Spots on the Dust 2 Map


The CS:GO made many unique, creative and exciting changes to Game Dust 1. Their team reportedly spent a year bringing the new Dust 2 game to life. Many changes have been made to the original version of this game.

smoking areas Fabric 2

The map of this game has also been updated. The new map has much more excitement and fun. While the new map is interesting, there are also many difficulties associated with it. For example, players may have trouble finding smoking spots on this new map. For this reason we have a list of the most reasonable smoking places Fabric 2 map.


Some notable changes incorporated in the latest version of this game are mentioned as follows:

  • Deagle
  • Double Elites
  • Riot Shield
  • M4A1-S Changes

Best smoking spots in Dust 2 map:

We all know how important this smoke is in the Dust 2 game. These smokes will not only help you traverse regions, but also help you reach the location along with carrying out various campaigns.

Mentioned below in this blog are some of the best smoking spots available in this game. Keep reading this blog to the end to learn all about the famous Dust 2 smoking spots.

A Site- Best Smoking Spots Fabric 2:
Let’s start with the biggest smoke spots on Dust 2’s A site. These smoke spots will help you keep an eye on the A site and push your opponents away.

  • long angle smoke
  • Long cross smoke
  • Smoking long doors
  • Catwalk Smoke

B Site- Best Smoking Spots Fabric 2:

The second batch of smoking areas is located at location B. Below are the best smoking spots for you in this area:

  • B Doors Smoke
  • B Window Smoke
  • B Platform Smoke
  • tunnel smoke

Remark: A bounce bind can be expected from some of these areas. This is how you keep your controllers ready!

Mid Area – Best Smoking Spots Fabric 2:

The smoking areas in this area will help you block corners that take you to the catwalk, reach double entrances and go through canals.

  • Xbox Smoke
  • Left Side Smoke Center
  • CT Smoke

Remark: Some of these spots are also decent for aggressively poking central CTs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about this game:

Q1: Who is the developer of this game?

ans. David Johnston is the creator of this game.

Q2: What is the genre of this game?

Ans. First-Person shooter is the genre of this fun and exciting game.

Q3: Is this game worth playing?

ans. Surely! People all over the world have given this game a 5 star rating. This game will not only help you pass the time but is also a great way to develop strong reflexes.


Fabric 2 has become a famous game card among people all over the world. People love this card for the unique adventure and thrill it embodies. Knowing this card in play beforehand gives the players a slight edge as they indulge in this game.

This blog presented a complete guide to the best smoking spots on the Dust 2 map. Visit our website Qnnit to read more informative blogs such as: GPO Private Server Codes and Chapter Redemption Codes.


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