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Top 5 Funded Trader Programs You Should Consider

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If you want to start a career in trading, funded trading programs can be a great way to start. the funded trader program provides you with the capital to trade with, as well as access to mentorship and educational resources. There are many different programs available, each with its own benefits. It’s important to do your research and find the program that’s right for you.

Programs like these can be a great way to start trading as they provide you with the capital to trade with and access to mentorship and educational resources. However, you should do your research to find the right program for you. Look for programs that provide support staff, a robust curriculum, and a clear path to success. There are so many programs available that you are sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

In this article, we list our top 5 funded trader programs that you should consider.

1. Traders with an edge

Traders With Edge has a funded trader program that provides up to $3 million in funding for qualified traders. The company provides traders with access to more than 1,172 assets and allows them to keep 80% of the profits. Traders who are consistent in their performance and trade with the company for a minimum of two years will be presented to larger institutions that can provide up to $30 million in funding. For more information, visit

Traders With Edge has been helping traders achieve their financial goals for a number of years now. They are a proprietary trading firm that offers funded trading programs and provides research and resources to traders who want to quit their day job and trade full time, or who are already trading full time and want to increase their income by trading a bigger account.

Its mission is to fund at least 25,000 merchants by the end of 2025, changing the lives of many. In addition to funding traders, Traders With Edge also provides research and resources on various topics related to trading.

These include market analysis, trade setup ideas, risk management strategies, and more. By providing both financing and education, Traders With Edge can help traders achieve their financial goals and change their lives for the better.

2. Empire of City Merchants

City Traders Imperium is a props trading company with a funded trading program that is flexible and suitable for traders who want more time limits. Their CTI Classic Funded Trader Program (Classic FTP) offers disciplined prop traders the opportunity to achieve long-term consistency by being funded by a forex prop company. This company invests in developing its funded traders, giving them access to more time limits and a relaxed trading style. The Classic FTP is ideal for traders who want to be funded without having to adhere to strict rules and regulations. With this program you can

Their CTI Standard Funded Trader Program (Standard FTP) is for people who take their trading career seriously. The program offers the best professional trading conditions on the market, including access to financing, personal support and advanced resources. People funded through this program receive a dedicated account manager, funding for their trading account, and access to exclusive resources and events. This program is perfect for serious traders looking to take their trading to the next level.


XLTRADE is a next-generation online trading platform that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for investors and traders around the world. With years of industry experience, XLTRADE provides its clients with top-notch customer service, technology and access to some of the most exciting investment opportunities available. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting out, XLTRADE has something for everyone.

XLTRADE is the first and only social trading platform that allows traders to trade up to a million dollars and more. They fund traders’ trading so traders can focus on making a profit. With no upside limits, weekly profit payouts and no strategy restrictions, XLTRADE puts traders in control of their financial future.

4. 5ers

5%ers is a funded trading company and growth program that provides unique career advancement opportunities for global forex traders. Their funding program was set up by two professional forex traders who had the vision to create an open career-building platform for forex traders. They offer instant financing where traders can start from day one with a real money account they fund.

The company’s funded trader program is designed to help traders succeed. At level one, traders trade with their own strategy while following the company’s risk management requirements. If traders continue to trade well, they will find that the company provides milestones that make it easier to achieve success. Each milestone provides traders with more capital and greater earning potential. The funded trader program allows traders to achieve their trading goals and reach their full potential.

5. Buoy trade

BuoyTrade was founded because the founders believe it is a great opportunity for deserving traders to have direct access to significant capital. The funded trader program gives really good traders the chance to partner with BuoyTrade and trade with more capital. This partnership allows traders to reach their full potential and earn better returns than they could get with a smaller account. Additionally, funded traders have the opportunity to get mentorship and guidance from the BuoyTrade team. This help can be very useful for traders who are just starting out or who need a little extra guidance.

If you are looking for a funded trading program with many different options, look no further. They have a program for every level of trader whether traders are just starting out or already experienced. They also have different levels of support and funding so traders can choose the one that best suits their needs. And because they use data feeds from their broker’s major liquidity providers, they can rest assured that they are getting the best prices.


Funded trader programs can be a great way for traders to get started in the market. These programs provide access to capital, resources and support that can help traders reach their full potential. There are many different funded trading programs available, each with its own benefits. It’s important to do your research and find the program that’s right for you.

Traders With Edge is our top pick for the best funded trading program. This program provides access to capital, resources and support that can help traders reach their full potential. Traders With Edge has a team of experienced professionals committed to helping traders succeed.

The program offers a variety of resources, including trading education, market analysis and a real-time support system. In addition, Traders With Edge provides capital to traders who are admitted to the program. This allows traders to get started with low risk and grow their accounts over time. If you are looking for a funded trader program that can help you achieve your goals, Traders With Edge is the way to go.

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