Traders are preparing for a wedding bonanza in December with an estimated 32 lakh weddings worth Rs 3.75 lak crore

Encouraged by the powerful company during the holiday season of Diwali this year, merchants across the country including Delhiare now preparing for each other’s bonanza – the wedding season that shall starting on November 14 to December 14.

During this period, about 32 lakh weddings will be performed across the country with a huge flow of about Rs 3.75 lakh crore through buying weddings and getting various services in the business conducted by the trading community, according to a research conducted by the CAIT Research & Trade Development Company.

CAIT said that during the season about 5 lakh weddings will have an estimated expense of Rs 3 lakhs each while at around 10 lakh weddings the cost will be around Rs 5 lakhs each. Ten lakh weddings will cost Rs 10 lakhs each, 5 lakh weddings will cost Rs 25 lakhs each, 50,000 weddings will have Rs 50 lakhs expenditure each and another 50 thousand weddings will be such in which Rs 1 crore or more will be spent!

Overall, about Rs 3.75 lakh crore will flow through the wedding purchases in the markets in this month, the research revealed.

The next phase of the wedding season will start from January 14, 2023 and will continue until July.

CAIT said more than 3.5 lakh weddings are expected to take place in Delhi alone Place in this coming season which is likely to generate a business of around Rs 75,000 crore. Last year, about 25 lakh weddings took place during the same period and the cost was estimated at Rs 3 lakh crore.

CAIT said that in view of the bright business prospects of the wedding season, traders across the country have made extensive preparations as they look to continue the sentiments emanating from Diwali’s just concluded record business numbers this year.

Traders keep all agreements with them up-to-date to accommodate the potential crowds of customers. They said about 20 percent of the expenses of any wedding goes to the broom bride’s side, while 80 percent of the spending goes to other third-party agencies that work on consummating the marriage.

CAIT has informed that a lot of business has already been done in the repair of houses before the wedding season. Apart from this, jewelry, saris, lehengas, furniture, ready-made garments, clothing, footwear, wedding and greeting cards, dry fruits, sweets, fruits, worship items, groceries, food grains, decorative items, home decoration items, electrical supply, electronics and many gift items etc are usually in demand and is expected to do good business this year.

banquet halls, hotels, Open lawns, community centers, public parks, farms and many other types of weddings are fully prepared across the country.

In addition to the purchase of accessories with each wedding, a wide range of services is also involved, including tent decorators, flower decorations, crockery, catering service, travel service, taxi service, hospitality professionals, vegetable sellers, photographers, videographers, orchestra, DJ, horses for the procession , cars, lights and many other types of services are likely to do big business this time around.

In addition, event management has also emerged as a great business prospect.

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