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Turkey earthquake: The destruction of Turkey-Syria was predicted on February 3? These are the people who gave this warning! Pipe News

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Turkey earthquake: The destruction of Turkey-Syria was predicted on February 3? These are the people who gave this warning!

Three powerful earthquakes (earthquakes) claimed thousands of lives in Turkey and Syria in 24 hours on Monday. The earthquake killed more than 3,800 people. More than 1,500 people were injured in Turkey and at least 810 in Syria. Extensive damage was caused in both countries, including fires at fuel pipelines and oil refineries. As rescuers raced to pull people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings and set up shelters for those affected by the freezing weather, another major earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale hit the same region, followed by dozens of aftershocks.

Meanwhile, a tweet from researcher Frank Hoogerbeats is going viral in which he has already predicted this powerful earthquake. He wrote about this in a tweet on Feb. 3: “Soon a magnitude 7.5 earthquake will hit south-central Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. On February 6, KK Turkey and Syria, Hoogerbeets Netherlands-based Geometric Monitoring Survey of Celestial Objects (SSGEOS) works as a researcher in an organization.

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The photos of the affected areas are heartbreaking, with public and private property destroyed, including some ancient cultural sites. Those who immediately fled to the open space escaped the disaster. While others were still trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings, many were seen crying over the loss of their loved ones. Others tried to comfort and reassure him.

The earthquake’s epicenter was Kahramanmaras in Turkey’s southeastern province, with tremors reaching as far as Cairo. Even in Damascus, the earthquake caused people to take to the streets. People were asleep when the earthquake hit Beirut.

Earthquake Turkey

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The earthquake hit an area of ​​Syria that has been raging for more than a decade in civil war and the affected area is divided between the government and the rebels. It is surrounded by Russian-backed government forces. At the same time, the conflict has caused millions of refugees to settle on Turkish territory. Four million people displaced by the fighting live in opposition-held Syrian territory. Many of them already lived in bombed-out buildings.

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of the earthquake was about 33 km from Gaziantep at a depth of 18 km. The tremor is felt in the provinces. According to the study, another 7.5-magnitude earthquake was felt a few hours later, with the epicenter just 100 kilometers away from the previous epicenter.


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