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Turnkey Employee Benefits to Attract Workers in 2022

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If you look to the future, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to say that employee retention will remain a hot topic. While much of the discussion has focused on creating employee benefits packages to solve this problem, what if there was a way to attract workers first?

Let me put it this way: employees can be drawn to a workplace by crazy incentives. The benefits package can undoubtedly play a vital role in recruiting, hiring and retaining employees. So here are some out-of-the-box benefits to consider when it comes to attracting employees!

1. Provide flexible hours

For example, flexible working hours allow employees to work when they want and where they want, whether at home or in the office. It is a win-win situation for both employees and employers: employees get more time with their families and gain more stability, and employers can save money on office space.

2. Paid family leave

There is hardly a better way to attract employees than offering paid family leave. By offering this benefit, you are saying that you value your employees and their families, which is reflected in every interaction with them. You’re also sending the message that your company is committed to ensuring its employees can take time off when they need it, meaning it values ​​work-life balance as well as employee satisfaction. This policy will result in happier and more loyal employees who feel their needs are being met.

3. Provide a high level of remote working

Remote work offers increased productivity, reduced revenue and improved employee engagement. Why? Because people are happier when they feel they have more control over their lives and can choose the working hours that suit them best. Remote workers are also often happier because they have a better work-life balance, which is why it attracts the best talent.

4. Wellness Subscriptions

Employers who understand that employees spend a lot of time at work and away from their families want to ensure that employees take the best care of themselves. One of the easiest ways to do this is to offer wellness plans, such as fitness classes, massage therapy, or meditation classes, and encourage employees to use them regularly. This will help your team stay fit and grow both physically and mentally.

5. Professional Development Lessons

Your employees are your most valuable asset. You definitely want to give them the tools they need to be successful, so consider offering professional development courses. By learning how to use new software/systems to improve their skills on the job, employees gain valuable insight into how to improve performance. It’s also a great way to show them that you care about their future — and that they’re more than just an employee who gets a paycheck every two weeks.

6. Student debt assistance

Many employees are burdened with student debt, making it difficult for them to focus their energies on their work and contribute fully. While it can be difficult for companies to provide full repayment of student loans, paying off some of them will certainly be a benefit that can help attract talent. When companies offer student debt relief programs, they invest in the future of their employees and help them reach their full potential at work. Such programs can be of great help to businesses.

7. Free food

Who doesn’t love free food? Whether it’s a catered lunch or dinner or just a chance to grab a donut from the break room, employees who can enjoy all their meals for free will feel like they’re getting serious benefits.

8. Gym Memberships

Memberships to local gyms are great ways to attract talent. They can help you stand out in your local market and attract employees seeking work-life balance. A gym is a facility that employees will use. It enables your employees to stay healthy and fit, which can contribute to their productivity at work.

9. Cash Bonuses

If you’ve ever been responsible for hiring staff for your company, you know how difficult it can be to find someone who has exactly what you need: the perfect skills for the job and the enthusiasm to work at your company. But what if there was a way to sweeten that deal just a little bit more? A cash bonus is an easy way to get employees excited to get on board and stay there; they will also appreciate being recognized as a valuable asset rather than simply receiving minimum wage.

10. Pet Benefits

A pet-friendly policy is also great for recruiting and retention – who wouldn’t want to work at a company where you can take your furry friend every day or twice a week? And if you already have a dog, you may find it easier to stay at work if they allow pets because you feel like you have less reason to leave.

The days of purely materialistic incentives are over. Today’s employees not only want benefits that are appealing to the mind, but they also prefer perks that take their well-being into account. Companies of all sizes will be challenged to do more in the coming years or risk losing the best employees to companies that offer more. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?

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