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Understanding Why You Need Urgent Medical Care and Attention

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If you have a medical emergency, you must visit a hospital as soon as possible. However, a non-emergency medical issue that may not be life-threatening but requires urgent attention to prevent the situation from worsening can demand a family care clinic that offers urgent care for various concerns and health challenges. You can expect these clinics to provide general medical care for many things, and they often remain open for extended hours and on weekends. 

It can be an excellent option to consider if you need to meet a doctor but cannot get an appointment with your regular physician. Or you can also visit them for vaccines and testing. No matter what the need is, a place like AFC Urgent Care South Portland can be there to help. You can depend on their services for different reasons.


When traveling outside the country, you must be up-to-date on all your vaccinations. Depending on your destination, you may need immunization against diseases like malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, and more. You would also want to complete your flu shots. At the same time, you may have to carry some medicines to deal with unwanted health challenges that can occur, such as diarrhea, motion sickness, or others. These usually require prescriptions. In such situations, you need urgent medical care and support so that you and your loved ones can stay healthy and safe while away from home. Anyway, you may not know what vaccinations or precautions to take for your trip.

Then, the undue earwax buildup in the ear canals can trouble you with ringing, pain, itching, and hearing loss. Your daily life quality can suffer from this. So, again, you would want medical support to get the gunk out of your ears safely.


If you have a sore throat, you may be wondering if you need to seek urgent care. While sore throats sometimes signal severe conditions, such as strep throat, most of them can be viral infections and will resolve on their own. However, if they have accompanying symptoms, such as difficulty swallowing, fever, or inflamed lymph nodes, you must get checked soon. And even a normal sore throat can impair your ability to focus on essential things, and your activities like drinking water or eating food may also suffer. Or, you can have an athlete’s foot. The fungal infection can worsen, leading to serious problems. It mainly causes redness, burning sensation, and itchiness in the skin between your toes and can spread to other areas if not treated on time. So, this also becomes another area of health concern that demands urgent care.


Cuts and lacerations can be the most common injury, ranging from minor to severe. You can suffer this problem due to a fall, accident, or contacting a sharp object. While most cuts are easy to treat at home, some may require professional medical attention. Deep cuts or lacerations may require stitches to close the wound. Sometimes, these can threaten nerve damage, which may require additional treatment. Minor issues involve wound cleaning, applying pressure to stop bleeding, etc. However, as mentioned, deeper wounds or wounds in sensitive areas would require urgent help.

Make your health a priority, and remember where you get helpful treatments at the most urgent hours.

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